Full Moon Lunar Guidebook (digital)

Full Moon Lunar Guidebook (digital)


Learn how to navigate the powerful and magical energy of the FULL MOON with this 3-in-1 guidebook, workbook and journal.

The Full Moon is the time to clarify and declare your intentions and goals while also cleansing and clearing things that do not serve your highest good. This guidebook prepares you to work with the powerful Full Moon energy to release old, stuck, negative energy to enable you to come into better energetic alignment, refine your manifestation process, and emerge into a fuller, illuminated version of yourself.

This digital guidebook includes 48 pages full of:

  • Information regarding how to utilize the magical Full Moon energy to refine and amplify your intentions and goals, take steps towards realizing your potential and purpose, and release things that do not serve you

  • Workbook pages for you to apply what you learn, and work to align your energy

  • 9+ Rituals to align your energy with the Full Moon

  • Release and Rejuvenate yoga sequence

  • Chakra and Aura Cleansing and Healing Techniques

  • How to connect to the energy of each of your Chakras

  • 3 powerful yet easy practices that are supported and amplified with the Full Moon energy

  • Steps to stay on the path towards aligning to your intentions, dreams and goals and how to best utilize and incorporate this ‘fulfillment’ phase of the Moon cycle

  • How to align with the Full Moon for Energy Alignment and Career Cultivation

  • How the transit of the New Moon in each Zodiac sign affects your energy and what you can do to align

  • Mantras and Affirmations

  • Gratitude and Abundance practice

  • Dream and Visualization board

  • Journal pages

You will receive a high-resolution e-book/PDF for digital or to print.

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