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Free Energy Pt. 3: Nikola Tesla Speaks About Atlantis, 3, 6, 9

Nikola Tesla came through to offer more information to add to this Free Energy series from his perspective. In this video, he brings forward some of his knowledge that spans into his life in Atlantis and free energy.

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Free Energy Pt. 2: Ecuador, the Equator and Tesla

In Part 1, we spoke about Atlantis and Lemuria and the pole shift. In this message, we’re going to continue speaking about how all of that is connected to this idea of free energy in our current shifting world.

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Free Energy Pt. 1: Pole Shift, Lemuria and Atlantis

One of the biggest shifts from 3D into 5D will be the shifting of your power source - in all aspects - but especially in the area of the generation of free energy throughout your whole planet.

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