IS, RA & EL Energy & Sacral Birthing of Greater Soul Purpose on the Planet


Energy Update

IS, RA & EL Energy & Sacral Birthing of Greater Soul Purpose on the Planet

How will the great shift happen and when will we begin to see the physical manifestations of New Earth? All the dominoes are being set up energetically to fall. Energy is shifting and sorting things out beneath the surface of our vision. As energy becomes more in balance, the physical manifestations will begin taking place. IS, RA & EL energy opening onto the planet, which will open greater soul purpose into the collective consciousness. Land of Israel sits on the “belly button” of Gaia, and the ascended 5D lower chakra of New Earth Gaia. Energy is bubbling over as future changes are anticipated. Thank you to my client and client spirit guidance team who allowed me to bring this information forward.


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