Soul Origins & 7 Rays of Light Part 7: Source Souls Coming Online for Ascension


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Soul Origins & 7 Rays of Light

Part 7: Source Souls Coming Online for Ascension

From Part 6:

Jesus was an example of one of these Source souls sent to the planet during his time. Jesus’ mission at that time was to prepare humanity for what was to come: an even further lowering of vibration on the planet. (Watch my video series about Convoluted Time to hear more about the lowering of dimensions in the concept of time. If you watched those videos, you will make the connection here that Jesus came to the planet at the time in where the energy of the planet was beginning to enter into the linear timeline portal that would cut the planet off from the collective unconscious energy — the energy that connects the planet to the higher vibrational energy of Source) To prevent souls from becoming even further lost in the further lowered density, Jesus’ mission was to instill faith and hope in humanity in a way that would keep them connected to their greater souls and higher consciousness. You may not think that it ended so well, but it unfolded exactly the way it was meant to in your collective’s experience.

In the age of Ancient Egypt, the gods and goddesses were Source souls sent to the planet to forecast the coming energy of the planet. They opened pyramids, energy knowledge, and Universal knowledge to help guide the future civilizations. They recorded their open knowledge for the future to find and use during important shifts, like the one your collective is going through right now. These ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses were playing out missions on Earth directed by Source, planned in advance, energy opened on your planet during a time when your planet held higher vibration, so that the future could open this knowledge and connect it to where they were — and are — headed. Everything — the layout of your physical experiences on Earth as a collective — is laid out in advance. Remember, you entered into the game of your physical incarnation. Everything is planned perfectly and in perfect timing, like a well-executed orchestra. Your collective is playing out an experience that was forecasted many, many, many Earth years ago.


So what does this say about destiny, free will, and our own choices? Are they all planned in advance too?

Yes and no. The collective experience is planned out in advance by a greater energy. Not whole specifics, but general greater energy. This refers us back to the information we provided in the “Convoluted Time” video series, how the energy of your planet moves through cycles of birth, expansion, contraction, and restricted linear timeline portals.

These greater energy movements “dictate” how the energy of the collective will play out. The way it plays out exactly is up to you as a collective, and furthermore, up to you in how you want your experience to play out on an individual level. Your destiny is opened on a non-physical soul level before your incarnation. But once you incarnate, you have the free will to choose or not choose your experience to play out as you wish.

But your overall energy of destiny, much like that overarching energy cycle of the collective, is determined by your birth date and time. You choose, as a non-physical soul prior to birth, exactly when you will incarnate because you are choosing the energy in which you will birth into and the energy that will guide your 3D incarnation.

However, we speak of this for non-knowing and non-conscious souls in the collective who open into riding the wave as it is presented to them in 3D. For knowing and conscious individuals who have broken out of the paradigms and matrix-style of your planet’s incarnation confines, you open into a new and exciting path.

You open into the path of soul missions and energy offered by higher vibrational energy that surpasses the energy dictated by birth date and time. The energy of birth date and time is opened within your physical reality, where as the energy of higher vibrations opens into the non-physical energy that is connected very much to the collective unconscious energy we pointed out in the “Convoluted Time” series videos — the unconscious energy refers to the life-force energy of Source that runs throughout your entire Universe, outside of your physical incarnation’s experience, but as well as within the incarnation’s experience.

Let’s go back to the Source souls we stated would be coming “online” in the years to come, some are already online, others are beginning their journey. All of these Source souls will come “online” at perfect timing, exactly when they need to. You will know that you are one of these Source souls because you will open into a very great, very interesting journey in your Earth’s incarnation.

As a collective, you will see great shifts in the movement towards a more awakened consciousness in your collective, with many of these Source souls taking on missions within this greater movement. Many of you — not only Source souls, but lightworkers and starseeds and other heart-based beings — will find yourselves intertwined and connected together, working on your separate missions, but also working together for the greater good.

Energy of ‘war duality’ will shift into energy of Oneness and love. Energy of duality will still exist but we say “war duality” because it will shift from a warring, chaotic mind duality into a more balanced state of duality. Duality is a foundation of your physical incarnation’s experience on Gaia at this time, and it will not be going anywhere. It will simply shift into a desired duality, rather than the undesirable duality that you currently have open.

Manifestations that open from a desired, balanced state of duality opens into new experiences that consciously open you into expansion in higher vibrational energy. Manifestations that open from an undesirable, warring duality opens into new experiences that unconsciously open you into expansion, but often lead down lower vibrational and negative roads.

As with everything, the 3D states of duality will become stronger and stronger until it eventually combusts in on itself. The 3D reality will rise up to become stronger while the energy of 5D New Earth reality will also become stronger and stronger until it will eventually fully split from the 3D reality.

But you are still in the stages of them existing side by side, not fully split. This is duality in and of itself as they exist in the same plane, and they will get farther and farther apart until this ultimate duality — 3D vs. 5D — will completely split and open into their own realities “separate” from each other.

With the rising of Source souls on your planet opening into 5D, will come the rise of false Source souls on your planet as well. Some may call them “false prophets”. More of this type of dualism between 3D and 5D will occur, “blurring” the lines between them.


Because lost souls of 3D will see the 5D energy rising and will want to take part, either forcefully (meaning they want to take part but have not done the work to be where they see others are, so they want to “skip the line” so to speak), or because of lower vibrational intentions to try to pull the energy of 5D down.

Anything else?

Yes, when we say “prophets” in reference to Source souls, we use this term very loosely. “Prophets” is a very old-fashioned word, a word we have taken from your past. But moving into the future, these Source souls will rise and open into new roles that will go above and beyond the definition of “prophet”.

These Source souls will help to move the collective into 5D and open many people in the collective to higher consciousness, internal empowerment, and knowledge held within that when put together, will open doors to New Earth that cannot be opened by one soul alone, but must be opened by many — not Source souls alone, because Source did not send its souls to shift the planet by themselves — what’s the use of having a collective experience if Source were to override the experience? No, Source sent just enough of its souls to gather other souls and collectively open inner empowerment in others so that as a collective, together, you open the many doors to 5D New Earth.

You must do this as a collective, as a collective experience. Source sent its souls to simply remind you of who you truly are, so that you can get to a place of taking the next step in the greater shift into 5D, inner ascension, and opening up closer to Source within.

Source souls work alongside the star seeds, 144,000, and other heart-based individuals on the planet to help reel in collective souls who are lost and trying to find their way. You all make up the strong wall of energy making its way to New Earth, carving the path for many to follow. You are on the leading edge of creation, and in your journey of one step and then the next, you are pushing that leading edge into the unknown and undiscovered realms (at least to your 3D collective) of 5D New Earth.

The reason why we are speaking to you about the Source souls is to understand who you truly are and the power you hold as a creator being. You are more than your physical incarnations and matrix-style illusions of your 3D reality. You are souls making the journey to Source itself. You are souls making their way to the water supply. You are souls opening to expansion in every way.

Many of you will believe you have something more to offer, and desire to offer more, but will not believe you are anything more than your seemingly ordinary, same-old, same-old self. It is time to step out of believing that you are living a life of limitations and step into a life that expands so much greater than you can ever conceive. Many of you are slumbering star seeds, part of the 144,000 galactic consciousness of souls, light workers, light holders, and some even Source souls. You have all come in with a greater mission to help in this transition of Gaia into New Earth Gaia, and it is time to awaken. When you awaken, you step into your purpose of awakening others.

Stand firm in the knowledge you hold. Follow not what is expected, but what your inner heart desires. You are playing a very important role that has been prophesied many, many, many Earth years ago. We, Source, and many other physical and non-physical beings are waiting eagerly to see how you, as a collective, play out the energy that is destined.

Remember, only that overarching energy is destined, but how it comes to take shape is completely up to you as a collective. Understanding who you truly are will open the energy of your individual destiny and role in the greater Earth collective shift. You, in your hard work and long journeys, are finally opening into the energy that opens your soul mission, destiny, and journey back to Source.

We are forecasting the energy of New Earth 5D by the overarching planet’s energetic cycle. On the macro scale, Gaia is birthing New Earth right now. Your individual contributions to the birthing process is important and not overlooked. No matter how big or how small, your contributions are needed.

Many are gathering to contribute and help Gaia during this time, of and within the Earth and many not of the Earth. It takes the entire Universe to help a single planet give birth into a new dimension, and in Oneness, we are all strengthened by your individual contribution.

Many will ask, how can I contribute? Can you offer guidance?

Yes, central to contributing is understanding how your energy affects the entire Universe. Opening this knowledge of the many births of the Universe down to where you are — as a fractal image and reflection of Source, a micro aspect of Source born so that Source may understand and know itself better — opens you up to understanding your place in Oneness.

In understanding your place in Oneness, you open up energy that helps create New Earth and a higher vibrational Universe. When you resist your true place in Oneness by opening lower vibrational energy, you open up destructive energy that hinders the birthing process.

The universe that you create for yourself in your physical incarnations — although an illusion — the energy of the universe that you create in your physical incarnations feeds back to Source and ultimately trickles back down to Gaia and yourself as a human being living on Gaia. The energy exists in the physical and non-physical realities, both in your 3D experience and outside of your 3D experience.

However, the manifestations of the energy you are working with exist as physical manifestations in the illusion of your 3D Earth experience and incarnation only. The physical manifestations do not exist outside of your 3D Earth experience, but the energy still does.

We are energy of Oneness. There is no barrier. We are open anywhere and everywhere and nowhere. We are fed your best and worst energy. What we do with it does not matter, but know that in every energetic occurrence, exchange or creation, is an equal and opposite.

What you give out is not only what you receive back, but what trickles back to you through all of the other macro parts of you — it affects Source, the Great Central Sun, the 7 Rays that extend from the Great Central Sun, the Galactic Sun, the Solar Sun, the Elements of Dimensions such as your planets and especially Gaia, only to be received back to you and filtered into your manifestations, the micro to you, as well as the collective consciousness in your Earthly experience as a co-creators.

Your energy runs through everything in the Universe because you are the micro of everything in the Universe, and your energy is like a boomerang that when given out, is returned back. This is a law of your Universe, and there is no way around it. Use this to your advantage and open the energy that you not only desire to receive back, but desire to spread throughout the Universe.

In Oneness, we are Abe. Oneness and love be with you.


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