4 Realms of Gaia & Opening to Magic | Part 2: Atlantis & Avalon Opening

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‘Four Realms of Gaia & Opening to Magic’ Series

Part 2: Atlantis & Avalon Opening

Central to opening up knowledge of the realms of Gaia, is opening up knowledge of the land of Avalon.


Because Avalon serves as a “gateway” to opening up into the other realms. Avalon holds the doorways to the other higher realms. To get to Avalon, you must travel through the long hallways of the Akashic Records. You open up knowledge within, so accessing your own inner Akashic Records opens up the doors for you to travel — not through the realms as you are — but through the energy of the realms of that which you hold in your own inner database, or Akashic Records. You travel through your own inner library and open books, “fairytales”. The books that you hold may not align to the books that other people hold from the same “fairytale”. They may all be different, but that’s because you each have had different experiences and perspectives. Many different storylines happening in the same realm. It’s time to share your stories — no matter how different — and create the ultimate Book of Oneness.

Have we all had past lives or incarnations in these realms? Is this how we can access the knowledge of the realms through our inner Akashic?

Yes and no. Some open the knowledge of the realms from the greater Akashic Records, stored in the Great Central Sun. But others can access their inner database or library, or inner soul memory Akashic Records, as well as the greater Akashic Records stored in the Great Central Sun. The realms are very open right now.

Why can’t we just travel through the realms right now? Do you advise that we only access the realms through the Akashic records?

Traveling through the realms in your current state can be tricky. This is why we advise that you travel through the Akashic Records. The Akashic will take you through records of the realms as they have happened. Moments in time, yes, but more so the greater time loops. You will open the open energy of the higher realms on to your planet just by opening through the Akashic.

Opening into the realms as they exist now opens the higher realms at a lower vibration. Opening the realms through the Akashic opens the higher vibrational realms, before the realms dropped in vibration following the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria. We will speak about this.

In this transmission, we are speaking about the 12 Upper Realms of Gaia. So when we refer to “lower realms”, it is most likely we are referring to the lower realms within the 12 Upper Realms of Gaia.

Avalon was a place on your planet that existed after Atlantis. It existed in the green rolling hills of what is now called the area of Ireland and the UK. Heart-based land opened its doors to these mind-based Atlanteans fleeing the fall of Atlantis. Avalon, was located north of Atlantis, across the ocean waterway. In the rolling green hills of Avalon, existed a civilization who opened their arms to lost Atlanteans. Avalon opened after the flooding in Atlantis.

After the flooding in the fall of Atlantis, the Earth lowered in vibration, lowered in density, lowered in dimension. (To learn more about the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria, check out the Inner Lost Knowledge video series on YouTube) Avalon was a civilization that existed not in the same realm as Atlantis. However, following the fall of Atlantis, lost Atlanteans opened into the lower dimension and opened into the realm of Avalon. Avalon existed in an open energetic space upon Gaia, a lower realm, or lower “layer” of Gaia’s many energetic bodies. Avalon opened into the awareness of the lost Atlanteans following the fall because they “slipped” into the space and time of Avalon as the dimensions blurred.

Where exactly did Avalon exist?

Avalon existed in-between dimensions. Some would say it existed in-between worlds. There are many realms on your planet that do not exist in a specific dimension or encapsulated in a specific time and space. There are 12 realms on Gaia, energetic realms that exist in-between your dimensions. They are open energy taking form on your planet to experience, but not in the confines of your 3D physical planet. So, many rules of a 3D physical planet or experience do not apply to these realms. Avalon exists —

Exist? Or Existed?

Exists, as everything exists in the Now moment. Realms on Gaia are distinguished by frequency.

Does our collective exist in one of these realms?

Yes and no. The 3D Earth experience exists on the plane of Gaia. Meaning, that you are existing on the dimension that Gaia herself is existing upon. The realms do not exist in a dimension, but in-between the dimensions, so as your ascension moves from the 3rd dimension into the 5th, you are passing through many in-between realms on your way there. These realms will make themselves visible to many of you, but you have to be able to match the frequency of the realm to be able to perceive it.

Can you talk more about the realm frequencies?

Yes. Much like your emotional vibration, realms exist in different vibrational frequencies. The beings of the realms came to Gaia to have a physical experience within one or more of these vibrational frequencies.

Do these realms blend together or are they separate, meaning they cannot perceive each other?

Many blend together, but some are farther apart in frequency so they do not vibrationally match to co-exist next to each other. But, your visions of Once Upon a Time (ABC TV Show) are much like the different realms of Gaia.

Once Upon a Time: Different story books blended together into one fairytale realm, all existing side by side, but in our 3D reality, we see them all as different books or tales.

Some of the higher vibrational “characters” in the realms of Gaia will lower their vibration if needed in the lower realms (lower realms of the 12 upper realms). Many of those existing in these higher vibrational (upper) realms are lowering their vibration during this time to help assist Gaia in her great shift from 3D into 5D.

We have brought your awareness to the dragons and unicorns and fairies. All high vibrational beings not in open energy of the lower vibrational realms, but they have opened into the lower vibrational realms in order to assist Gaia and the living beings on her planet during this time.

Avalon is working in this same way.

Do these different realms exist in higher vibrational frequencies than where we are on Earth?

Yes. Central to an energetic “upkeep” of these realms is a strong energetic woven system on the physical incarnation of Gaia. In your case, it is the 3D physical beings living on the planet. Think of these different realms as the different energetic bodies close to a physical human being. The energetic bodies of a physical human being cannot exist if the human does not exist (the energetic bodies cannot exist in the same way as they would when connected to a physical human being). You are each a micro and a macro of something greater and something smaller.

These realms we speak of exist within the energy bodies of Gaia. You as a 3D collective exist on her physical body. These otherworldly realms exist within her energetic body.

Would you consider the underworld within one of these realms?

Yes, the underworld actually exists right on top of the very outermost layer of the (12 Upper) energetic realms.

But isn’t the underworld a lower vibrational realm?

Yes, in your hindered views of the underworld exists a lower vibrational realm. But in what we would call our (Abe) energetic reality, the “underworld” on your planet is actually a very high vibrational realm, a realm that connects the living with the unliving. The underworld is not where Satan dwells. That is central to your own 3D hindered views and perceptions of the “underworld”. Satan dwells in the higher vibrations, and is not the borg you have made “him” out to be.

The underworld is a “passageway” of sorts that connects the unliving to other warped channels or vortexes to where they need to go next. The other realms that exist within the energetic bodies of Gaia exist in frequencies “underneath” the underworld. So, the term “underworld” really should be renamed into “overworld” in our opinion. (joke)

Ok, let’s talk more about Avalon.

Yes. Avalon exists in a realm very close to Earth 3D. They walk the fine line between physical and realm. Rolling hills of Avalon take you back to what you would refer to as the Medieval times in your planet’s history. (Not the actual Medieval times, but they are liking it in similarity)

Is Avalon a specific place or just a general term for a realm?

Avalon is a specific place that exists in the realm beneath your physical planet.

You say “beneath”?

Yes, because Gaia’s energy comes from within. As within, so without. This is why your perception of the underworld also goes inward, into the very depths of Gaia’s core, what you would call “hell”. But, energy is just that — energy. It goes within and without. It is “manipulated” by the physical embodiment of Gaia — which is “manipulated” by the physical living incarnations on and within her. You, as a collective, manipulate the energy bodies of Gaia, therefore also manipulating the energetic realms that exist within these energy bodies. You, as a collective, have created a “hell”, a lower vibrational “underworld” in your attention to duality.

But I thought God/Source created this lower vibrational underworld? Angels falling?

Yes. God created your ability to perceive it. God did not create the place. God only created your ability to perceive it through your world of duality. You, as a collective, in your dualistic mindset, created the underworld, fallen angels, and “hell”.

So what was the purpose of the fallen angels?

Fallen child-like within each of you. Each incarnation on earth had a fallen child-like after duality was opened on your planet. Angels do not fall. You have perceived the fallen child-like as fallen angels because the fallen child-like is the fallen purest form within you. Opened duality opened the fall of the child-like within the incarnations to follow.

In the child-like within, connects you back to Source and your higher Oneness aspects, your souls, your greater being of who you truly are. Fallen angels, however, were manifested in your fallen lower vibrational thoughts on your planet. Just as you have manifested in your minds a “hell”. But, these manifestations are strictly held within the confines of your physical planet, as they were born within the confines of your physical minds. They do not exist outside of your physical planet.

But higher vibrational realms do exist outside the planet?

Yes, because they open up straight into Source.

Then how do these realms merge together if some realms are “real” and others are a manifestation of our thoughts?

They don’t. Their vibrational frequencies keep them apart.

But I hear of darkness opening up into these higher realms. Think: Once Upon a Time when the dark cloud overtakes the story book realm and puts the characters into a lower vibrational place.

Yes. This is not because of the lower realms raising their vibration. But occurs because the higher realms have to lower their vibration to meet 3D Gaia in a place where they can assist her. The lower realms have “infiltrated” the higher realms, so to speak.

So are the higher realms in danger?

No. But they will eventually need to be integrated back with their higher vibrational frequencies (realms). We are bringing forward information about the different realms because central to Gaia’s great shift is the assistance of the many different realms. This is the energy of Gaia on a micro scale opening up into the macro energetic scale. Meaning, the energy within the many different layers of Gaia’s energy fields opening into the greater open energy needed for the shift.

For example, think of your own physical bodies. They are no different from Gaia. You have many different layers within your energetic field. You have layers closer to you and layers farther from you. You also have very many energetic layers within you. When these many different realms open into the greater energy of Gaia, it is like having the open energy within you open into your physical reality in order to help assist you.

So, if for example, you held energy of a bear in your energetic field, the bear would manifest in your physical reality to help you. In order to do this, the bear has to lower its frequency and vibration from where it existed in your energy field to where it can now exist and be perceived by you in your physical reality. However, when in your physical reality, the bear can help you, yes, but it is still out of its energetic element. It will eventually need to return back to its energetic vibrational frequency within your energy field if it wants to continue to survive and continue its experience. But, by the power of Source, it has been granted this opportunity to serve you during this time because there is a greater purpose that all is working towards.

These energetic realms of Gaia are making themselves known to you in your awareness to open you up to receiving their assistance during this great shift of Gaia. But, in return, they require you to help them to return back to their own energetic frequencies when the shift is over. Remember, the energy bodies within and without Gaia are determined and manipulated through the physical incarnations and physical body on Gaia.

So, when you make the great shift, these energetic realms — who have lowered in vibration to help assist Gaia during this time — will need your assistance once it’s done. As a collective, you must be able to raise your vibration and frequency to match the higher vibrations of 5D. This will help open Gaia’s energy bodies more and more and restore the different realms back to where they were, but not necessarily back to where they were because you have moved into a newly heightened consciousness.

The energy bodies will be uplifted into new, even higher vibrational energy bodies of Gaia, so the realms — and those existing within these realms — will have completely shifted as well. They can take their place in these new, higher vibrational realms once the collective on the physical body of Gaia can take their place in their newly higher vibrational 5D reality.

Any portals to other realms open within you, because you are a reflection of Gaia. You are the micro to the macro of Gaia, and everything you hold within is a micro to you. The existence of everything is a continual spiral of micro and macro and macro and micro opening more and more within themselves. When you can understand that shifting where you are within this grander, bigger microcosm and macrocosm, shifts the micro and macro within and outside of you, you can instantly shift into new realities, open into joined realities, and manipulate the existence of not only yourself but others.

Let’s get back to Avalon. Avalon is a place that exists in a realm close to the Earth’s dimension. It opened after the fall of Atlantis, and embraced the lost Atlanteans seeking refuge. The fall of Atlantis was the fall from the 12th dimension into the lower 10th dimension. From there, the dimensions continued to fall until where you are currently, in the 3rd dimension. However, during the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria, the dimensions and frequencies upon your planet were still higher than they are today. So, opening into Avalon during the fall, as Atlantis shifted through the dimensions, was not a hard thing to do. Avalon exists (or existed at that time) somewhere between the 10th and 12th dimensions, in-between dimensions.

Some of the lost Atlanteans in their escape of falling Atlantis, opened into Avalon, not knowing that Avalon was in a different energetic realm. They opened up into the realm of Avalon and ended up staying there (not all fleeing Atlanteans opened into Avalon, but a faction of them did and this is their tale). However, because of the opening of Atlanteans in the realm of Avalon, it ended up lowering the vibration of Avalon. The realms, the energetic bodies of Gaia — all of them — began their fall and lowered following the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria as well.

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