Soul Origins & 7 Rays of Light Part 6: 7 ‘Pools’ of Source Consciousness


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Soul Origins & 7 Rays of Light

Part 6: 7 ‘Pools’ of Source Consciousness

So, if we are in the cycle of our own Physical Incarnation Universal Energetic Cycle, creating our own universe within our physical incarnation, does this mean that the people in my life is there because I created them? Are they illusion too?

No, they are real in your experience, having their own experience, creating their own universe and cycling their energy within their own Physical Incarnation Universal Energetic Cycle. They open into your physical experience to open strong expansion within you, or because they match your vibration, or because they serve another purpose.

The people, places, events and things in your life are not random, but always serve a purpose. You open things in your reality, through your Physical Incarnation Universal Energetic Cycle, creating your reality through the energetic universe you open within and without your physical incarnation. You “sweep” things into your energetic field to open its energy to cycle in your own Universal Energetic Cycle, and you do the same for the other person’s energy.

Opening these seemingly “outside” energies into your Universal Energetic Cycle opens your experiences towards expansion. You can either consciously and deliberately create your expansion, or very not deliberately create your expansion. Either way, the energy will continue cycling, cycling, cycling in your Physical Incarnation Universal Energetic Cycle. Do you want to continue washing your clothes with dirty water? Or do you wish to add some soap and clean water?

In your ascension, your soul’s connection to consciousness opens up into higher and higher “pools” of vibration. Because it cannot interfere directly, Source opened shards of itself to assist with the Universe. These “shards” are not souls themselves, but what is best known as “pools” of consciousness.

In these “pools” of consciousness is where souls, in their evolution and ascension, can tap into. Think of these “pools” of consciousness, shards of Source, as what you would know of as the “Fountain of Youth”. Not many souls will reach it, but those who do are able to open the greater knowledge and energy of Source onto the planet. Many higher vibrational souls who incarnated on your planet opened the journey to these “pools” of Source consciousness in order to help bring in Source energy to the planet during this great shift of Gaia.

Vision: 7 “Pools” of Source Consciousness. Different from the 7 Rays of light that stems out from the Great Central Sun. The 7 Pools of Source Consciousness are similar to the 7 Rays of Light, as they are expressions of Source, but they hold the deeper knowledge straight from Source, not the reflection of Source (Great Central Sun is the reflection of Source).

The journey to these 7 Pools of Source Consciousness is not easy. Many souls do not reach it in a single incarnation. Many souls have started long ago in order to be able to reach it in this very important incarnation period. The souls who do reach the 7 Pools of Source Consciousness will only open into one of the 7 Pools, opening the knowledge of that Pool of Source Consciousness on to the planet.

Will anyone open all 7 Pools of Source Consciousness?

No. The energy is much too great. This is why it’s important to work together. Souls all over the planet will open to different Pools of Consciousness and share the knowledge they bring. Knowledge of all 7 Pools of Source Consciousness will pour onto the planet at different stages of your Earth’s ascension through different people/souls. This is how Source is able to help assist in the ascension without directly interfering.

When a soul is able to make the journey to one of the 7 Pools of Source Consciousness, it transforms the energy of the soul. No soul is born directly out of Source itself (this is becoming a bit more clear). All souls are born out of the reflection of Source to begin (the Great Central Sun). Through incarnations and experiences, the soul has the opportunity to know itself and open into higher and higher vibrations and forms of consciousness.

Reaching the 7 Pools of Source Consciousness opens the soul to complete transformation. The soul opens fully into Source energy (even if it only is able to reach one of the 7 Pools of Source Consciousness) and the soul transmutes into full Source energy as a separate entity of the greater Source energy.

The energy of this newly transformed Source-soul can then open into any Universe where Source is needed. It is no longer limited to incarnating into the Universe it was born into. Once the soul has reached this status, it can incarnate into any Universe that it is needed. It can go to any Universe, anywhere that was created by the Source that it is connected to. Source exists outside the Universe, and possibly creates many different Universes. It was told to me that Source is part of it’s own greater experience. The Great Central Sun is the reflection of Source within a direct Universe.

Once a soul reaches this point, can it ever turn back?

Yes and no. It can open lower vibration through an incarnation, but after its transition out of the incarnation, these souls will always return back to Source. These Source souls will incarnate where they are needed. To do so, Source joins with the Great Central Sun of the Universe in where the Source soul(s) are needed, and the Source soul is birthed directly out of the Great Central Sun — not through any of the 7 Rays. This is because the mission of the Source soul(s) is the mission directly from Source — not directly from any of the 7 Rays that stem from the Great Central Sun.

When Source souls — not Great Central Sun souls — incarnate, they go where they are needed, so they often open into very big missions on the planet. Jesus was one of these Source souls.

There are not many Source souls.

But through ascension of the planets and galaxies and Universes, won’t there be more souls opening into the 7 Pools of Source Consciousness and going through the transformation and transmutation process of their souls into Source souls?


What happens when there comes an influx of Source souls? Because you said before that Source doesn’t like to send souls out directly from Source because it doesn’t experience the same as souls that experience born from its reflection.

When there becomes an influx of Source souls, Source finds open Universes outside itself to send Source souls. This opens Source into another Source’s Universe. When this happens, Source opens experience — through these Source souls that it sent — in an outside Universe that exists outside of its own creation. This adds to the expansion of Source and opens Source to create more Universes.

When a Universe expands so much that all souls within that Universe’s journey find their way to one of the 7 Pools of Source Consciousness, then that Universe has expanded all that it needed to and basically collapses in on itself. The “collapse” is the entire Universe returning back to its Source.

What happens then?

Vision: Laying back on a lazy-boy couch, “socks off”. Just joking. Just because one Universe has completed its expansion does not mean all Universes have completed their expansions. Source is continually expanding.

When a Universe collapses in on itself due to completion of expansion, all souls from that Universe open into Source and are “re-born” again into another Universe. Again, going through the same motions of being birthed out of one of the Rays of the Great Central Sun. All the souls, including the ones from before that kept returning to Source, go back to the “beginning” in the new birth of a new Universe once the entire original Universe has “game ended”.

Why does Source keep opening more and more Universes? What’s the point?

Source Elf. Source Elf. Source Elf.

Oh, meaning that Source is a worker to a greater Source. Source’s job is to open Universes?


So does that mean that Source is stuck in its own matrix program?

Yes, in a way. When a Universe collapses on itself due to final expansion, is when Source opens to its own expansion. Everything is a micro and macro.

How many Universes collapse?

Plenty of Universes collapse due to final expansion. It opens Source to more and more expansion.

Does that mean we are holding Source back from expanding?

Yes and no. Even in contrast is expansion.

Do we have lots of time left in our Universe?

Oh yes. Expansion of your direct Universe will keep going for eons, but souls opening to Source energy will become greater and greater.

Does this mean that most higher dimensional beings open to Source energy?

No. Even higher dimensional beings are on their journey back to the 7 Pools of Source Consciousness. In your Earth experience, even when you think you know Oneness, you still are not even close to the vibrational frequency of the true Source Oneness. In your lower vibrational state, you simply cannot fathom it. This is why, as souls, you work your way into knowing yourself in each incarnation so that you can incarnate into higher and higher dimensions and vibrational frequencies to get you closer to reaching the 7 Pools of Source Consciousness and integrating back to Source.

There are souls that have incarnated in your Earth’s experience, who have already journeyed and made it to the 7 Pools of Source Consciousness and integrated back with Source. They have incarnated in your Earth’s experience, taken on your lower dimensional planet, in order to help with this great shift of Gaia and open Source Oneness energy on the planet.

The souls that have already integrated back with Source and work as “Source messengers” throughout many different Universes can incarnate in any vibrational frequency or dimensional planet where Source is needed to fulfill a mission. When they transition, they will integrate back to Source for as long as their original “home” Universe still exists.

So can only the highest dimensional beings make it to the 7 Pools of Source Consciousness? Can, say a 9th dimensional being make it?

Not unless they become a vibrational match to Source Oneness. Dense energy in dimensional incarnations make it difficult to journey to the 7 Pools of Source Consciousness. But your experiences in the dimensional realities allow you to know yourself in higher and higher ways that will take you to higher and higher vibrations and realities.

For example, if a being in your 3rd dimensional world — not a Source soul that did make it to the 7 Pools of Source Consciousness and now fulfilling a Source mission on Earth — but rather a soul who is journeying to the 7 Pools of Source Consciousness on your 3D physical planet for the first time, if this soul actually makes it to the 7 Pools of Source Consciousness, they will literally vanish and cease to exist in your physical reality.

This is because they will have energetically surpassed all the vibrational frequencies of the 3rd dimensional planet, density, and existence. They will also have surpassed the vibrational frequencies of much higher dimensions and densities. They would, as you would say, just vanish into thin air. Opening your heart and opening into an enlightened spiritual experience does not necessarily mean you have made it to the 7 Pools of Source Consciousness in your 3D incarnation. But it will get you one step, maybe even a few steps, closer in your next incarnation.

Your 3rd dimensional planet Gaia sent the distress call to the Universe, for assistance during this time of her great shift, which reached back to Source. Source offered assistance by sending some of its Source souls — souls who had previously made it to the 7 Pools of Source Consciousness and now work as Source messengers — to incarnate onto the planet Earth to help spread the energy of Source Oneness into the collective consciousness and planet.

In the upcoming years to come, these Source souls will begin coming “online”. They already are. They have grand missions, fulfilling missions given to them by Source. Many of you will call them prophets. Many of you will call them heart-based beings.

Jesus was an example of one of these Source souls sent to the planet during his time. Jesus’ mission at that time was to prepare humanity for what was to come: an even further lowering of vibration on the planet.

(Watch my video series about Convoluted Time to hear more about the lowering of dimensions in the concept of time. If you watched those videos, you will make the connection here that Jesus came to the planet at the time in where the energy of the planet was beginning to enter into the linear timeline portal that would cut the planet off from the collective unconscious energy — the energy that connects the planet to the higher vibrational energy of Source)

To prevent souls from becoming even further lost in the further lowered density, Jesus’ mission was to instill faith and hope in humanity in a way that would keep them connected to their greater souls and higher consciousness. You may not think that it ended so well, but it unfolded exactly the way it was meant to in your collective’s experience.

In the age of Ancient Egypt, the gods and goddesses were Source souls sent to the planet to forecast the coming energy of the planet. They opened pyramids, energy knowledge, and Universal knowledge to help guide the future civilizations. They recorded their open knowledge for the future to find and use during important shifts, like the one your collective is going through right now.

These ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses were playing out missions on Earth directed by Source, planned in advance, energy opened on your planet during a time when your planet held higher vibration, so that the future could open this knowledge and connect it to where they were — and are — headed.

Everything — the layout of your physical experiences on Earth as a collective — is laid out in advance. Remember, you entered into the game of your physical incarnation. Everything is planned perfectly and in perfect timing, like a well-executed orchestra. Your collective is playing out an experience that was forecasted many, many, many Earth years ago.



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