Soul Origins & 7 Rays of Light Part 5: Universal Energy Cycle of the Physical Incarnation



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Soul Origins & the 7 Rays of Light

Part 5: Universal Energy Cycle of the Physical Incarnation

Each of you open up into your own Source in your incarnated reality, depending on the vibrational frequency of your manifestations that stem out from you. You create the energy that feeds back into Source. So, your ‘Source’ can be either lower vibrational or higher vibrational.

Why do we all exist in the same place though?

Because the ultimate goal of the Highest Source is to know itself. By having each manifestation know itself back into the Source that they create, the Highest Source can know each of its ‘fractals’ or ‘split mirrors’ (vision of a room of many different mirrors reflecting the same thing).

You exist all in the same place because planets were created to hold many different vibrational frequencies within the same dimension, as well as many different vibrational frequencies within different dimensions. The Gaia that you exist upon has many different ‘planes’. In your collective’s plane of existence is the 3rd dimensional plane of existence, and the reality of your collective is the great shift of Gaia from the 3rd into the 5th dimension.

Does this mean that all the different dimensions that exists within Gaia, her many different ‘planes’, are also shifting?

Yes, but it all depends upon the lowest vibrational plane. “You’re only as strong as your weakest link”. They’re all waiting for you.

You open the “Universal energy cycle” within your individual incarnated experience as well as within the greater collective incarnated experience.

So within my individual Universal Energy Cycle, is the Galactic Sun and Solar Sun and planets the same as what other people experience?

It will be the same as others who hold the same vibration.

So for those who hold the same vibration, we are all working within the same Universal Energy Cycle?

Yes. It will be interpreted and perceived differently from each of your unique viewpoints and experiences, but it is the same vibrational energy.

So, let’s take Abe for example. Abe opens up for Jessica based upon her vibrational frequency and her interpretation of this vibrational frequency. The same Abe energy may open up for someone else who exists on the same vibrational frequency as Jessica, but the person’s interpretation of this Abe energy may be different based upon their own unique perception.

Abe energy may open up with a different feeling energy, even a different name for other people, depending on the person’s ability to interpret and perceive the energy coming through. Ultimately, it is all Oneness energy at this level, but your unique perception and ability to interpret through your physical incarnations allows you to discover the many different layers, or notes, of Oneness — which all add to the full song that is Source.

Is Abe a note of Oneness?

Abe is the song of a greater Source, but Jessica interprets the song based upon her perception. Everyone will interpret differently. Some want to hear rock and roll. Others want to hear classical music. Others will hear 90s hip hop. Source is not just one song. Source is all songs, all genres, all notes, all keys, everything you can ever think of and more. If you don’t like music, great, pick something else, and Source will be that too. Now, you see how you each have different perceptions in your interpretations of greater energy?

So why do I perceive the same Abe energy as Esther (Hicks)?

You don’t. You perceive Abe energy from a different vibrational realm, a 5D realm perspective. Esther perceives Abraham from a 3D realm perspective.

If we’re each creating our own universes in our physical incarnations, when we transition, do we all go into the same place in the non-physical?

When you transition, you unite into the vibrational layer of the greater Universe that your soul vibrationally aligns with — outside your physical incarnation’s Universal Energy Cycle 3D “matrix”.

So are there many other Universes or are you referring to our creation of our Universe as the many other Universes?

There are many Universes within your reality, and many Universes outside of your reality.

You create the Universe within your reality, but outside of your physical reality, you will open into the greater Universe that is and always was and is ever expanding. There are, however, different vibrational frequencies to the greater Universe that exists outside of your physical reality. The vibration you are able to reach on a soul level will open you into the non-physical Universe that matches the vibration of your soul. So, there are lower vibrational layers of your Universe and higher vibrational layers of your Universe.

But keep in mind that you still create the Universe within your physical experience. You are open to many illusions within your physical experience and creation of the Universe you exist within in your physical experience. For example, if in your physical experience, there is a manifestation of Jupiter blowing up. When you transition and open into the greater Universe (whatever greater Universe that matches your soul vibration), Jupiter may still be there, because Jupiter exists outside of your physical reality. The Universe that you create in your physical reality and experience is a Universe within the greater Universe that exists outside of your physical reality and experience.

Vision of VR. Yes, it is very much like a virtual reality game, with your manifestations dictating the reality and Universe you open for yourself.

Do souls filter through the galactic sun, solar sun, etc. to open into an incarnation?

No, but the energy essences of your souls filter through the whole Universal Energetic Cycle (think toroidal energy). Souls are birthed in the Great Central Sun and open directly into where they need to go, usually as a manifestation of one of the elements of dimensions, but the energy continues in the cycle flow.

What determines a soul born to a higher dimension vs. a lower dimension?

Not dimension, but vibrational frequency. New souls will go where they are needed. Souls who have had incarnations will go to a dimension that matches their vibration.

So does that mean that everyone here in the 3rd dimension Earth planet had lower vibrational souls?

Yes, for the most part, everyone that has incarnated on your 3rd dimensional planet, and whose souls originated from the Great Central Sun has lower vibrational souls. However, there are souls that incarnated on your planet during this great shift of Gaia that come from higher vibrational frequencies to help in the shift...higher dimensional beings, higher frequency energies, and even souls that stem directly from Source.

Earth, at this time of her great shift, provides the opportunity for lower vibrational souls to open into higher vibration through the realization of who they truly are. This is the physical incarnation knowing itself through the 7 rays of light, much like how Source desires to know itself. When you come to know who you truly are, you open into the greater Universe that exists outside of your physical incarnation. You break free from the recycled illusional universe that exists in your 3D minds. You begin to understand that you exist in a greater Universe that is constantly creating and expanding, and when you understand this, you become part of that creation process, rather than allowing your non-deliberate minds and reactions to create for you. You shift from passive to active in your creation process.

How come you said some souls go straight to the galactic sun instead of back to the great central sun when they transition?

This is for lower vibrational souls. Lower vibrational souls will transition to the galactic sun because they cannot match the vibration of the Great Central Sun.

I don’t understand the 7 Rays that stem from the Great Central Sun and why incarnations fall under only one of these greater 7 Rays. I understand each incarnation holds all 7 Rays, but why fall under only one of them? Do we have incarnations under all 7 Rays?

The 7 Rays that extend from the Great Central Sun open into different realms of experiences. These are the 7 expressions of Source, and incarnating into one of the 7 expressions allows Source to dive deeper into that expression to fully know itself within that expression. A soul, when choosing to incarnate, chooses which Ray, or path, it wants to experience for the most part. Which Ray, or path, will the soul choose to further explore, expand in, and integrate in order to allow Source to fully know itself more? That is the path that the soul will choose, based upon its desire. The 7 Rays that stem from the Great Central Sun open more opportunities for the Soul to experience the different expressions of Source.

Do each of the 7 Rays that stem from the Great Central Sun open into different Universes?

No, they are open in your current Earth reality and your direct Universe. They are just different paths that a soul chooses to take and experience. A soul that has existed for millions of your Earth years has probably walked more than one Ray in its many, many, many incarnations. The Ray in which the soul chooses to incarnate through often stems back to the soul’s purpose in its incarnation.

Then what about the IS, RA and EL life mission paths?

The IS, RA and EL mission paths open within each of the 7 Rays and offer a more specific mission within the Ray the soul chooses to incarnation through. The Ray the soul incarnates through is the greater mission path, but the IS, RA and EL energies offer more specific life mission paths within the greater mission.




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