Free Energy Pt. 4: Q&A with Nikola Tesla


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Free Energy Pt. 4

Q&A with Nikola Tesla

“Q” = Questions from myself and the community
"NT” = Nikola Tesla replies

Q: What is the best way for us to access our inner tesseract to assist with this new energy?

NT: Tesla says that definitely accessing the inner tesseract strongly brings forward open energy of free energy. Because knowledge of free energy is open in the tesseract. Strong energy of the tesseract can be accessed through the heart, not through the mind. When you can achieve the feeling state of “no time” and “no space”, you can open the tesseract in the heart.

Standing in front of you now is space-time like you’ve never seen before. There are many open portals in the time-space continuum. These portals take you to different moments in time and space. These portals exist in the woven space-time history of your planet and are available to you now because of the collapsing of space and time on your planet. The reason for these portals is to aid in lost knowledge retrieval within you.

When Jessica brings forward lost knowledge, she is opening into different portals in the woven fabric of your planet’s space-time continuum. She has access to many different portals, moments in time, that surround her. They are portals that open up for her when she is able to open them up through her inner lost knowledge retrieval process. Everyone has the ability to access their own portals to their own inner lost knowledge, moments in the woven fabric of space-time on your planet. For those who hold valuable knowledge, such as knowledge about free energy, the portals are there waiting to be opened.

Q: So are these portals the inner tesseract?

NT: Yes. The inner tesseract is the ability to sense space and time as “no space” and “no time”. Space and time are constructs of your reality, they do not exist outside of your reality. When you are able to end the illusion of time and space, you are able to access your inner tesseract.

Q: How do we let go of time and space?

NT: Central to letting go of time and space is understanding oneness in everything. When you can understand what it’s like to be the inventor and the invention, the tools and the energy that starts the invention, as well as everything in between. When you can understand the connection between past, present and future, and know that it’s all intertwined, then your understanding of oneness is opened. When you can feel all of that, well, then that is when your inner tesseract is opened. “Knowing” and “feeling” reside on different levels of consciousness. To dive deeper is to know and feel everything as one and connected in the woven tapestry of energy.

Q: I saw a tesseract in my mind's eye but it was different, with a circle in the middle instead of a square. It was also not symmetrical, like warped in a way like it was close to being complete but not yet.

NT: Tesla laughs. He says, most of my life was spent putting things into boxes, making rhyme and reason, and comprehending the incomprehensible. Much too complicated. The human mind wants to make lemonade out of lemons, but in the non-physical, lemons can be turned into anything you want. Yes, there are still laws and definitely rules, but for reasons of expanding your mind out of the box your minds put you in, we give this example. The tesseract is not a shape. Many people who have experienced the tesseract comprehend in their mind shapes within shapes. But in the non-physical, we sense something more like energy (vision: like A Wrinkle in Time energy portals), where you just step through energy, like stepping through a waterfall. It can be a bit disorienting and take a while to adjust, but it will open into a new moment in time, more like, open into a new “woven tapestry of energy” — since there is no time or space.

Q: Can you explain “no space”?

NT: Surely. On your physical planet, “space” is getting from one place to another. In the non-physical, there is no “getting from one place to another”. Open energy can be anywhere in the snap of a finger. Higher oneness energy has no restrictions, however lower vibrational open energy does have restrictions. Laws of space only apply to physical incarnations, however, there are loopholes for higher dimensional and higher frequency beings.

Q: I'd always felt a tug when I heard or saw Tesla's name from way back, but I did not understand why. Not especially techie, but my crown tingles every time I start thinking about him and the power.

NK: Not Tesla energy, but your own inner energy resonating with the information and knowledge of Tesla. Your crown is open, so it is able to receive the resonance with the information. Your crown is like an antenna and when you catch a signal, you experience the “tingles”.

Q: I'd like to ask Nikola Tesla if he used the New Yorker Hotel as one big Tesla tower or a receiver of sorts?

NT: Most definitely not. Central to generating energy is not a big building, but a big tower.

Q: Could you have used the hotel as a big receiver?

NT: Not in the way I wanted to. The hotel was located in the open energy of a big city, not in the open energy of the Earth. There is a reason why the Tesla towers (or energy) is generated from open areas of Earth. It is dangerous if open and generated around lots of people.

Q: Did the government take his files or was it he who hid them away in said portal to keep out of governments possession?!

NT: The portal does not hide any of my files. The portal is a window into the moments of my life and my work. When I transitioned, I witnessed government officials taking my work.

Q: You hung around?

NT: Yes, I was very attached to my work. I wanted to see what happened to it. Gasp! I was not happy that officials were hiding parts of my work. I tried to get other people to get my work. Hope was lost in my soul knowing that my work was hidden from the public. The government took my work and used it in “selfish” ways. They had the opportunity to study it and bring it to the people, but the cost was too high.

The film (The Tesla Files) has strong open knowledge of what happened to my work. Opening knowledge of what happened to my work opens conversation about why the government would want to hide my work. Not everything in the film (The Tesla Files) may be true, but it opens conversation about why my work was hidden for all these years. I was not a happy soul, because the cost of my life was my work, and when I transitioned, my work amounted to nothing in the eyes of the people I most wanted to know it.

My soul roamed the Earth for a long time. I was too attached to my work. I tried getting energy of people to change and release my files but I did not succeed. Open files now (?) but only because I tried so hard to open energy of the ascension. The ascension opens people’s minds and hearts to opening knowledge. If I could not change minds, I could definitely help to change hearts. Opening hearts opens minds, opens knowledge. The knowledge of my work being opened in people is energy of everyone who was able to be reached by me. I chose not to reincarnate because I was able to open my knowledge on the planet in another way. By working with people who could receive my knowledge, end appetite for money, and spread my knowledge throughout the planet.

Q: You mentioned that when the government took your files, they had the opportunity to study it and bring it to people but the cost was too high. What was that cost?

NT: The cost of bringing my work to the public was electricity. They were not able to charge for my work because free wireless power was the basis of my work. When they realized they could not make money off of my work, they chose to use my work for other purposes. Why? I’m not sure, but it’s important to know that my technology is open in your society in strong ways.

Q: What was in the files the government took?

NT: Technology about open energy not helpful to the planet. Meaning, power had definitely a good and a bad side. Like everything, there is a yin and a yang. My energy work opened energy for good and energy for bad. I did not want the bad energy to be exposed to the public, but I needed to record it. The ‘bad’ was energy used to destroy rather than create free energy for the people. The technology I held was opened in ‘bad’ ways in your warring world. Mostly in military, but some in public. Pointed energy is work of Tesla. Energy open to starting fire is Tesla’s invention.

The open face of Tesla cars (Elon Musk?) — the technology was opened not from the files of Tesla, but from the open mind, open tesseract, connecting Elon Musk to the knowledge of Tesla (connecting minds?) through the inner tesseract. We work together in many ways, for we are one. Our knowledge is connected. This is the same for many other individuals on the planet. All working to open my work and knowledge to the people.

Q: But Tesla cars are so expensive, most people cannot afford it.

NT: Yes, I agree. Most luxurious cars. We are working on instant knowledge of Tesla, instant knowledge of electric cars. First working on luxury so we can open the minds of very wealthy people on the planet. Wealthy people on the planet have the ability to do much change. Unfortunately, that’s just how it is. Elon Musk Tesla cars is not for everyone on the planet right now, but we are working on fine, loaded cars for the future open to ease of many people.

Q: Is free energy similar to the ether element? Can we generate our own ether/free energy in our own bodies for healing and ascension?!

NT: Yes, definitely. That is how the body generates electricity from the air, from the open elements, from a directed source of energy (whether white light, source energy, etc.). There is great power in intention. I worked with the elements of Earth, open energy in the atmosphere. At the core of everything is nothing. In nothing is ether. Fire is ether. You are definitely able to harness ether, harness ‘nothing’ and direct it into something through powerful intention.

Q: Do you have any advice for generating our own energy for healing?

NT: Yes. Open a vortex of energy between you and whatever energy source you choose (white light, ether, source, etc.). Make the intention to direct the energy through the vortex and into your body. You must direct the energy. Energy will flow to wherever you direct it to go. The vortex allows the energy to open within you, because it is not easy to open energy within you. Lost energy occurs because the body is not able to open to receiving it. Opening a vortex will open the body to receiving it. Opening a vortex is as easy as intending a vortex to open. Your thoughts and intentions are much more powerful than you realize. Much energy is happening and occuring on a level that you cannot see with your eyes. Believe. Open. Receive. When you are done with the vortex, direct it to leave. Open it only when you need to.

Q: I'm curious if it's true that Tesla was in communication with Maria Orsic of the Vril Society or if he channeled Vril beings directly and that's how he came about much of his information?

(Abe and Tesla laughing) Tesla: I opened communication directly with Gaia. Of course, at the time, I did not know it. But Gaia energy was open within me. I could feel what and how to utilize the energy of Gaia in a way in which could help the world. Gaia spoke to me, as I now speak to others. She opened knowledge within me, and ways in which I could access and harness her energy for the greatest good of all. She showed me the yin and yang of power and how I could be the center of the storm, able to direct energy wherever I wanted it to go.

Gaia opened knowledge within me and opened truth within my rocky soul when I died. Gaia told me – or rather, reminded me — of the plan of the ascension when I transitioned and was devastated at the unfolding of events surrounding my work. She allowed me to roam the Earth — not inner Earth, but outer Earth — to help others and open knowledge within others.

Gaia is the one behind free energy and offering it to the people and lifeforms that reside on her. She opened this knowledge because she wanted to open this gift for all. It not only affects humans on the surface, but all life forms on and within her and the atmosphere without her. Everything is connected. All is one. I was simply the conduit to bringing her knowledge to the people.

Q: Hi Jess, back again, another question from myself would be to ask about the metal Tesla spoke about, if it's an alloy we haven't made, a metal we haven't found or if it comes from an alchemy process. Also does it need to be used for a reason. Thanks heaps.

NT: Thank you for asking the question. The metal used in Atlantis was a joined lost metal. Created from an alchemic process. The necessity of that metal is no longer relevant in your current society because you have honed other resources that work just as well. A machine to harness strong energy can be made of many different types of materials. There is no one way to make a machine to harness your free energy.

There are many different, brilliant minds coming together to come up with different ideas to integrate into the best way to harness energy in your society with the materials you are offered. Mother nature and Tesla are working closely with people on your planet to come up with the perfect recipe that will best harness the strong energy opening up on your planet in current day. The energy opened during the time of Atlantis was much different than the energy opening up in your current planet. The energy that was open even during the time of Nikola Tesla was much different than what is opening up on your planet in current day. Not everything is the same, and energy will continue to shift and change because of the shifting ascension energies. New technologies based upon the foundations of Nikola Tesla’s work will arise and move you into the future.

Q: So how are we supposed to incorporate Telsa's research and free energy with the cabal / Illuminati still killing or imprisoning people working towards this type of free energy society? Shouldn't they be dealt first as they seem to be creating lethal issues for those opposing the currently failing energy system??

NT: The cabal is no longer a threat to my work. There is enough people open in mind and heart to move my work forward. It will not be a quick unfolding, but climbing a mountain slow and steady. Hindered thoughts of the illuminati and the cabal open hindered realities. There is a reality/timeline not open to dark energies on the planet and free energy exists there.

Abe chimes in: Do not create from what is, but what can be. It is like what we have been telling you about money. How can you get the money in the bank when there is no money in the bank? You have to first use your emotions to feel like there is money in the bank, get your vibration to the point where you feel the abundance before you can see it — and then the abundance and money can begin flowing to you. When you focus on the lack, on the money not being in the bank, the energy of more lack and the energy of not having enough flows more and more on in to your empty bank account. Use this same method in creating New Earth. Focus on the abundance of New Earth and the new reality. Do not put your energy into focusing on what may be occuring or playing out in your current 3D world. Your current 3D world is the empty bank account. Your 5D world — where you are vibrationally moving towards — is your bank account full of abundance and good things.

NT: Rinse with much gratitude for Gaia each night because she very much loves the life on and within her. She is going through the ascension in this specific way because she wants to take you all with her. She has opened many portals for the collective to open strong ascension energy. The long process many of you complain about is necessary otherwise many — if not most — of you would not survive. The plan of ascension is much more intricate than we can imagine with our human minds.

When I transitioned, I had no idea the part of the plan I played. But you all play a part in the finely-tuned soft play of life. In staying connected to Gaia, you stay connected to the shifting energy. When time comes to embrace New Earth, each of you will open gratitude for Gaia. But in shifting to New Earth, gratitude for Gaia must be given now. She is opening energy and doing much of the work to ensure that precious life on her is taken with her. She loves you unconditionally despite the many not-lovely things you do.

She is the mother and you are her children. Open your heart to Gaia and not only will she keep you safe, but she will open the knowledge within you that connects you to the many tesseracts of the mind and heart. She will open knowledge within you that will help facilitate your part in the play. Love for Gaia is love for all. Nikola Tesla is in many bodies on Gaia. Strong energy of oneness and love is in many bodies on Gaia. We work together in the play, and the play is unfolding perfectly.

Abe in Oneness, and Nikola Tesla in Gratitude, is complete.


We present information and knowledge from our unique inner lost knowledge & perspective of higher vibrational Abe energy, through the oneness perception and interpretation of Jess. All information presented is our point of view, and for you to use your own belief system and discernment.