Free Energy Pt. 3: Nikola Tesla Speaks About Atlantis, 3, 6, 9


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Free Energy Pt. 3

Tesla Speaks About Atlantis, 3, 6, 9

So as life and Abe would have it, it’s no coincidence that as a certain topic of information is brought forward for me to dive into, it begins opening up in many other ways in my awareness for me to understand it a bit more.

After doing Part 1 and Part 2, what happened was the energy of Nikola Tesla stepped through one of my conversations with Abe. Abe is like a protective barrier for me and my energy, so any other energy or ‘being’ goes through Abe first and is interpreted through Abe. So I’m not channeling the energy of Tesla, I’m interpreting what he wants to say through Abe. So it’s like he’s talking to Abe and I’m bringing forward the energy and information as Abe if that makes sense.

So, Nikola Tesla came through to offer more information to add to this Free Energy series from his perspective. In this video, he brings forward some of his knowledge that spans into his life in Atlantis, which was really interesting.

Also while I was working on this series, what came through was that I needed to learn more about Tesla and his inventions and what’s going on with all of that in current day because I really had no knowledge of Tesla or his inventions or his work. The next thing I know, when I opened my Hulu homepage, there at the top was this docu-series that was calling for me to watch called “The Tesla Files”. If you’re interested, it’s available on Hulu from the History channel. I only got through the first 2 episodes so far, but it was enough for me to grasp a little more and bring forward more information in terms of how free energy generation worked and understand what Tesla wanted to bring forward.

Below is the written transmission that came through. To listen to the transmission, please click on the video above.

Nikola Tesla was not heart centered, but mind centered. Atlantean. He existed during the time of Atlantis and brought his knowledge from Atlantis into his life as Nikola Tesla. His mind was Atlantean, but his not-absolutely-open heart was Lemurian. He wanted to bring free energy to the world and co-exist with the natural elements to do so. This desire was Lemurian, but his knowledge in his mind came from Atlantis. His energy was equal in Lemurian and Atlantis, but his mind dominated with the Atlantean knowledge. Tesla wants Jessica to know that in strong knowledge of technology, he was not balanced in the heart. He was not lonely, because he had his work to keep him company.

Open, strong knowledge in Tesla opened strong Atlantis energy on the planet. As Tesla became more widely known, Atlantean energy opened more on the planet. Tesla came into the world with the mission to open Atlantean energy on the planet. The reason for this was to start the ascension process.

Elements of a ‘time machine’ were parts of Tesla’s work. Meaning, he invented a time machine. But not on purpose. On accident. Time and energy co-exist together on your 3D planet. Central to energy is understanding time.

Why? Because time on your planet holds knowledge of energy. Meaning, going back in time to Tesla’s inventions is strong in the ascension process. Not physically going back in time, but mentally. Re-opening Tesla’s work, inventions, and knowledge into your society is essential and important in your ascension process to 5D. Opening what you would call the ‘past’, the time of Tesla’s knowledge on the planet, into your current reality and time now.

So do you mean Tesla actually invented a physical time machine or is it just this idea of going back in time right now through the mind? Tesla opened up a portal during his existence for humans on the planet many years later — your current day — to open back up when the time was right. This portal — an energetic time machine — connects current day humanity to the knowledge of Tesla when he was alive on your planet nearly one hundred years ago. But also more than one hundred years ago,  because connecting back to Tesla also connects to you the knowledge of energy he held from Atlantis, many thousands of years ago.

Entering portal to Atlantis now.

Atlantis generated energy through a machine similar to Tesla’s machine. In terms of what it was made out of, a few things came through: bones (animal bones — from animal experiments?), crystalline structure, crystals, water — running water that fell from top to bottom or top to middle like a waterfall, and a strong metal known in Atlantis but not known in modern day. This machine opened electricity throughout the whole civilization of Atlantis. They’re telling me it was a combination of running water turbines, open water source (ocean?), open electricity in the air/atmosphere (storms?), and inner Earth current. Tesla was an inventor in Atlantis too.

The big tower “pings” or connects to smaller towers throughout the land of Atlantis through these energy currents in the atmosphere and below the surface. These smaller towers are spiral spires that may have been also made out of crystals and crystalline structures and possibly bones too.

These structures ran above and below the surface of Earth. Natural material needed to be used to harmonize with the Earth’s vibrations. Copper is a natural material available that Tesla used.

Tesla says that these Atlanteans were very mind-oriented and focused on the tasks at hand in developing advanced technology and energy at any expense. Tesla says that he strongly dislikes who he was at the time of Atlantis but understands why and how he was the way he was during his life on Earth as Nikola Tesla. He tried to make up for the lives lost (animal experiments?) in Atlantis by wanting to save lives as Nikola Tesla through his free energy inventions. He wanted to help others and make the world a better place. He was not able to do that. Free energy was lost not only to Tesla when he died, but to the whole world. When Tesla died, some of his premature inventions and knowledge of energy were kept hidden by the government. When Tesla died, he opened a portal, essentially a ‘time machine’ portal, so that when the right time came, his knowledge and inventions could be opened and accessed.

How? Historical knowledge. Diving deep. Digging for clues. He brings my attention to a docu-series he advised me to watch on Hulu called ‘The Tesla Files’ where a group works to bring his inventions back to life and look into what happened to all the Tesla files and prove some of his work.

But how can this time machine portal be accessed when his files are kept secret or lost? His files are not a secret. His knowledge is definitely in certain individuals on your planet. Knowledge of Tesla’s inventions and free energy is opening within people on the planet. You do not need his files from the past. The knowledge some of you hold within carry the same information that will arm you with the knowledge to create and spread free energy throughout the world.

Tesla is not reincarnated on the planet at this time, but is working with many of you on the planet energetically in the spirit realm Offering you knowledge, information and ideas. He comes to you in dreams, thoughts, waking moments of clarity. He has been busy, very busy working with many of you. Open your lost knowledge and open a portal — a time machine — to the past where you can bring free energy and power to your present and future.

A group of individuals on your planet are currently working with the energy of Nikola Tesla to bring free energy to the planet. Tesla wants people to know that your current society cannot and will not ‘time-machine-jump’ to the past, meaning that they cannot openly create and access free energy in larger, stronger amounts — just yet. Meaning, that free energy can be created with the inventions of Tesla right now, in smaller waves, however, free energy strong enough to power the entire planet will not be made available until when Gaia opens her portals of inner Earth energy, found at certain significant points along the equator.

This is why the equator has come through for Jessica in energy readings regarding free energy. The equator holds the energy of inner Earth, made more powerful in certain areas or “hot spots” around the globe on the equator. Two of these “hot spots” were in the areas where Lemuria and Atlantis used to exist on your planet a very long time ago. When they existed, they were each located at these ‘hot spots’ on the equator.

Tesla is saying that at the time of Atlantis, powerful energy rose from inner Earth. Many of their studies included how to utilize this inner Earth power. They became “inner Earth power hungry” and this strong desire to access the innermost heart of Gaia ultimately became their downfall. Inner Earth energy is very strong. At the time of Atlantis, open energy in the atmosphere and inner Earth energy below the surface was strong enough to power their entire city. It opened a light source in the darkness. The strength of inner Earth energy was reflected in the open energy of the atmosphere.

Vision: Storms. Does this mean there were lots of storms? Yes, storms for days. This is because inner Earth energy was open on Earth, not just held within. The towers in Atlantis generated power for the whole land. These towers in Atlantis not only opened energy and power in Atlantis but opened energy and power throughout the whole world.

Lemuria unknowingly benefitted from the energy generated in Atlantis through these towers. The electrical current ran through the Earth’s ground and opened strongly in the nature in Lemuria. Lemuria did not have any of the towers to generate electricity or energy, but the energy from Atlantis opened up in Lemuria through the nature.

The energy and electrical current running through the ground in Earth ‘powered’ Lemurian nature — as well as nature all over the world — in a fascinating way. Bioluminescence in plants and animals shone brightly at night. Crystals opened light. Insects opened light. The ocean opened light. Night time was brightly lit in color and wonder at night in Lemuria.

The civilization of Lemuria worked with this incredible nature to create technology in harmony with nature. Meaning, the civilization, homes, pathways, structures were all built utilizing this bioluminescence from nature. So the cities shone brightly at night, not just the forests.

Atlantis powered the whole world through nature, through the electrical current that runs beneath the surface that connects the entire world.

To clarify, visual energy and electricity and power were not opened throughout the whole world, but from the strong energy harvested in Atlantis, energy was opened throughout the world through nature, through the inner Earth current which connected all things. I think that this electric current running throughout inner Earth could have been utilized and harvested throughout the world if there were civilizations who could create technology to harness it, like Atlantis.

Atlantis, like we spoke about in Pt. 1 and Pt. 2, existed where Central America and parts of South America exist today. Due to shifting land masses, the original Atlantis is possibly found somewhere beneath the Atlantic ocean today. However, like we also spoke about in Pt. 1 and Pt. 2, the equator of the Earth as well as the energy portals found throughout the planet, do not move over the years. Energy and land masses may shift on and within Earth, but the equator and the energy portals stay put. The difference is the strength of the energy coming through shifts and changes.

We are coming to a time in which the energy of inner Earth is strengthening. The equator is where inner Earth energy seeps through to the surface. Strong energy portals were found in the original placements of Lemuria and Atlantis when their civilizations existed on the planet thousands of years ago. These same energy portals will be opening once again, and we are being informed of this because this is a way for us to utilize the inner Earth energy for our benefit. A gift provided by Gaia in this ascension process — for us to open the use of free energy throughout the planet once again.

Atlantis created their towers in the area near by Ecuador, where a strong energy portal to inner Earth exists. At the time of Lemuria and Atlantis, there was strong inner Earth energy seeping through to the surface. With the fall of Lemuria and Atlantis, came the fall of inner Earth energy. Inner Earth energy dimmed and went darker and weaker. However, because we are raising in frequency and vibration and ascending to a higher 5D energetic vibration, inner Earth energy is powering up, strengthening, opening and seeping through the surface of the Earth through these energy portals in the original placements of Lemuria and Atlantis. The inner vibration of Earth is raising and becoming stronger, thus leading to stronger electrical and energetic current that connects all the lands of Earth.

This is why it is also necessary for us to open up information about Nikola Tesla’s inventions of free energy sources. These inventions will gather along with the opening of inner Earth energy and heart and will rendezvous together in synchronistic fate together when the time is right.

Knowledge of Tesla and free energy is opening within many of you on the planet. It will no longer be considered “fringe” or “unruly”. It will save many lives and open a civilization on the planet all connected together. Free energy will truly open your hearts and minds to understanding that everything is connected and everything is One.

It will also open your hearts and minds to the true power that the Earth has and provides for not only nature, but for the people, the living organisms and everything the exists on and within the Earth itself. The Earth will become more of the focus of society and become the forefront of importance in our society.

Nikola Tesla needed to open the Atlantean energy on the planet during the time he existed on Earth many years ago. He needed to open free energy ahead of its time. On a soul level, he knew going into his experience as Nikola Tesla that he had a big mission to unload, and he knew that his inventions would not be accepted in society and that he would die thinking that he had not made a difference. In his mind, he had knowledge that could save the world. But at the time of his existence on the planet, the world did not need saving, it needed the Atlantean energy to open and begin the ascension process. Tesla needed to open his knowledge and energy into the world at that time — the beginning of the ascension process — because many years later (today), his knowledge needed to be opened again. Coming into the world at the time he did and opening his energy and knowledge created a “splice in time” — a place in time in which his knowledge could be kept safe and accessed in the future (now) when the world needed it.

We are at that time when we desire free energy, but not only that, we are at a place in time in which we are opening up in the ascension process to where our hearts and minds can utilize the energetic portal and retrieve the information that Tesla left for us, as well as the information and knowledge that the Atlanteans and Lemurians and other ancient civilizations left for us.

In time is a tesseract — a portal in which you can access many — not places in time — but moments in time. You are raising your frequency to be able to access this time tesseract more easily in your minds. It is all available to you in your minds and hearts. Open the tesseract of your mind and access all points of your soul memory. Revisit moments in the past that connect you to moments in your future.

This example of Tesla and what the past knowledge of Tesla holds for your future is only one example of what inner access to your inner tesseract can do for you and your future. New Earth 5D awaits, and knowledge from your past awaits exploration so you can bring it into your future experience.

In terms of ‘what is a tesseract’ — a good way to understand it a bit better is to watch the movie, A Wrinkle in Time. Abe wants to bring forward more information about tesseracts, and I’ll leave that for another video to help open our mind more to this concept.

What is the significance of the numbers 3, 6, 9? Tesla says that the wane of the moon is definitely strong in the collective right now. Many are resting their energy. Preparing for the next stage of the ascension. (This connects to the waning moon phase following the Super Blood Wolf Moon on January 20-21, 2019. Watch the video about the Super Blood Wolf Moon reading I did on my YouTube page to gather more information about ‘preparing for the next stage of the ascension’. This Pt. 3 Free Energy transmission with Tesla was recorded during this waning moon phase on January 29, 2019)

This energy is not in everyone, but in many people. 3, 6, 9 is very much like the energy you see playing out on your planet. Intense energy opens a higher number of nine. Lower, quieter energy opens a lower number of 3. And middle energy opens the middle number of 6. It opens a strong energy flow of weak, middle, and wall of strong energy. The significance of 3, 6, 9 is that it opens you to the flow of energy in the open atmosphere as well as anywhere around you. It is the rise and fall of nature. It is the energetic pattern to all things.

Vision: Waves in the ocean. When surfing, I found that waves came in sets of 3’s. What they’re showing me is the first wave being the smallest, then the next wave being of mid-strength, then the third wave being the biggest wave in the set. 3, 6, 9.

Energy works in a similar way. Tesla says that he integrated a way to utilize the open energy of nature. He did not know about the significance of 3, 6, 9 until energy started opening in his inventions. He found that energy waves were much like the waves of your ocean, and that energy waves would lose strength in pulses of 3. The first energy wave was the weakest, the second wave was mid-strength, and the third wave was the strongest. Then the energy would return to the weakest wave. Sets of 3.

Tesla takes this time to offer gratitude saying that he feels honored that Jess is asking these questions and inquiring about 3, 6, 9 from Tesla’s point of view.

So how did Tesla utilize the 3, 6, 9? Tesla says that when he pieced together the information about 3, 6, 9, he realized that it was everything around him.

What exactly is 3, 6, 9? 3, 6, 9 is the recognition of GodSource within. It is the energy signature and heartbeat of God/Source. It occurs and can be found in everything in nature. It is the infiniteness of everything, a continuous spiral of energy. This energy cannot be changed. Tesla found that this energy was malleable, but yet stayed the same. Meaning, he could harness it in a way that worked for him, but yet the laws of 3, 6, 9 stayed the same. Weak, middle, strong. When Tesla began working with the laws of 3, 6, 9, knowledge of the Universe opened for him. He understood the heartbeat in wherever he was. The heartbeat of God/Source. He would tap into that heartbeat and open strong energy. He was pollinating the heartbeat of God/Source everywhere he tapped into the energy in nature.

Tapping into the heartbeat of God/Source was not easy. It opened many challenges. It caused many hindrances from people. Every strong heartbeat that was opened, opened God/Source on the planet. Not in a religious way, but in a way in which each person could come to know God/Source in an open, personal way. Knowing God/Source in the heart, and knowing that in each person was God/Source. Tesla had the ability to open God/Source and a rapid ascension on the planet, but that timeline did not come to pass. The collective energy on the planet was not ready for the strong energy of Tesla.

Was that the plan? For Tesla to incarnate and open a rapid ascension? No. The Galactic Council knew that Earth was not ready for a rapid ascension. Gaia Earth made it clear that she wanted to take the life on her with her into the new dimension and higher frequency (5D). So a plan was made to create moments in time to access when the time was right. (Like what we spoke about with the tesseract.)

Why create these moments in the past? Why not just open people up to it as we get there? I.e. have a “Tesla-like person” create inventions now? Because Earth in present day 3D would not have been able to utilize the inner Earth energy as strongly as Tesla could when he was alive. The inner Earth energy is much weaker now than it was when Tesla was alive. The frequency of inner Earth that Tesla worked with was much higher and stronger. Within the past 100 years, energy frequency and vibration on and within the planet has weakened. Duality on the planet, poison in the ground, poison in the air, lower vibrational animals in the food supply, lower vibrations all around on your planet are contributing to an energy that is held in a very low hanging, low vibrational, dark cloud.

Energy on your planet in current day is not the same as when Tesla was alive. You would not have access to the same powerful energy source of inner Earth vibration that he did. This is why the tesseract of the mind is important. For you to go back in time to access the knowledge held in time and bring it to your forefront as your Earth begins to move and open into the higher vibrations. You will not need to figure out how to work with this new higher vibrational world. You already have access to knowledge of how to work with and utilize its energy right off the bat through your own inner lost knowledge.

Tesla says that his gift to humanity is not lost. It is there to be found. The heart-opening collective will embrace his work and integrate his knowledge and energy in the future. There is much to be thankful for in your past. Find truth in your past and you will find truth in your future.

Abe in Oneness, and Nikola Tesla in Gratitude, is complete.


We present information and knowledge from our unique inner lost knowledge & perspective of higher vibrational Abe energy, through the oneness perception and interpretation of Jess. All information presented is our point of view, and for you to use your own belief system and discernment.