4 Realms of Gaia & Opening to Magic | Part 1: Intro to Gaia Energy Bodies


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‘Four Realms of Gaia & Opening to Magic’ Series

Intro to Energy Bodies of Gaia

The next thing that Abe wants to talk about are the different realms of Gaia. For many of us, we know what’s going on within our physical. We can see everything playing out in the collective. Now, Abe and Gaia want to dive deeper into Gaia’s energy bodies to help you better understand what’s going on within the energetic bodies of Gaia as she makes this great shift into 5D.

I’m going along for the ride just as much as you are. Everything being opened for me to share with you is being opened at perfect timing and for a reason — there’s always a bigger reason in the unfolding. Last month, we were talking about free energy, this month, we’re talking about the different realms of Gaia, and to be honest, I don’t know how long this video series will go for.

I brought through some information and then it stopped because Abe said they won’t open more until I post the first two videos, so we’ll see how things unfold.

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The 12 upper and lower realms that have come forward are premature. I am sharing this with you at this moment to share with you the process of my own retrieval of lost knowledge. However, at the same time, I know that the information presented in the 12 upper and lower realms still have some room to take shape — along with my perception of them. Their descriptions are very premature, but I have a feeling will open further as we move further into bringing the information forward.

12 Upper Realms

1st Realm (that Avalon exists within) is the Realm of Fine Things (energy body closest to Gaia)

2nd Realm is the Realm of Magic

3rd Realm is the Realm of Mystery

4th Realm is the Realm of Majesty

5th Realm is the Realm of Open Heart of Gaia Where Miracles Exist

6th Realm is the Realm of Delirium

7th Realm is the Realm of Rainbow Energy

8th Realm is the Realm of Lost Souls (“Walking Dead” but more like souls who feel they cannot move on yet, but are still of higher vibration)

9th Realm is the Realm of Hidden Open Knowledge

10th Realm is the Realm of (Not able to open 10th and 11th Realms just yet)

11th Realm is the Realm of (Not able to open 10th and 11th Realms just yet)

12th Realm is the Realm of the Overworld (Underworld)

12 Lower Realms

1st Realm is the Realm of Animal Spirit Guides

2nd Realm is the Realm of Karma

3rd Realm is the Realm of Idols

4th Realm is the Realm of Duality

5th Realm is the Realm of Destruction

6th Realm is the Realm of Banished Souls (lower vibrational souls)

7th Realm is the Realm of Fear

8th Realm and below — unable to access, as they are too low vibrational.

12th Realm is the Realm of the Self-Constructed Hell

What’s the purpose of knowing the upper and lower realms?

The purpose of knowing the realms is knowing exactly how Gaia — all of Gaia — is shifting. Not only on your physical plane. The energy bodies of Gaia are just as important as the physical body of Gaia.

In this video series, we will talk about the energetic bodies of Gaia. Not in a way that opens in your physical reality, but in a way that opens into these energetic, magical realms. We have much to say about the open energy of Gaia, and the huge assistance and roles they are playing in this great shift of Gaia.

Opening to possibilities of magic opens your ability to integrate with these many different magical realms open all around you. In opening your hearts to magic, you open the ability of the magic of these realms to flow through you and work through you in a way in which it can help to play its role in assisting the physical planet.

Why is this series only titled 4 Realms when there are so much more?

Because we will first open the first four upper realms in your awareness so that these realms can open their energy and magic to work through you. Whoever is meant to hear these messages will open up the realms within them, and open up the magic of these realms onto the planet.

Will you be talking about any of the lower realms?

No. They may come up, but we will not dive into them. Much like the shadow work you are doing on a physical individual basis, the lower realms — especially the very lower realms — of Gaia are very much the shadow that Gaia is releasing.

What about the Realm of Animal Spirit Guides? Why is it a lower realm?

Because animal spirit guides are very much a physical energy. Animal spirit guides are not bad, but they are very much of the world. The higher realms open up to much higher vibrational energy outside of your physical world. Animal spirit guides will still very much be part of your 5D New Earth, but in a much more elevated way. They will still be part of the lower realms of Gaia, because they will still be very much worldly.

Animal spirit guides are not the same as the soul of the animal. Animal spirit guides are the energy essences of animal traits, characteristics and personalities that people incarnated on the planet can call upon to help guide them on their journey or give them strength or give them what they are seeking. Animal spirit guides are not the souls of the animals. Souls of animals exist in higher vibration, much like souls of people.

Can you talk about the difference between realms and dimensions?

Realms are energetic bodies of Gaia. Dimensions are physical bodies of Gaia.

But in the end, doesn’t everything exist upon frequency and vibration? So both realms and dimensions exist upon frequency?

Yes, but frequency patterns open differently in the physical and non-physical. So, in realms, the energy opens up in a much more finely-tuned way closer to Source. In the dimensions, energy opens up more determined by the collective and grounded in the energy of Gaia.

Does this mean that when we die, we transition to another realm?

Not unless you desire to do so. Realms are very much experiences or “play stations” for souls as well. Souls who desire to have an experience but do not desire the experience of a confined physical planet may decide to incarnate in a realm — or energetic body — of the planet instead. This way, they are still open to their direct relationship to Source and their Higher Self, but not with the “stickiness” of a physical incarnation on the planet.

So, souls who incarnate into a realm must have higher vibrational souls? Can lower vibrational souls incarnate in realms?

To incarnate into a higher realm, the soul must have a higher vibrational footprint or energy signature. However, on your physical 3D planet, due to the collective energy, you have, as a collective, manifested the lower 12 realms. These lower 12 realms only exist within the confines of your physical 3D planet. They do not exist outside of your 3D planet. Because you have created, or manifested, these lower 12 realms, you have basically, opened up a playground for lower vibrational souls to incarnate into. These lower 12 realms were created out of the duality in your physical minds. You, as a collective, have manifested these lower 12 realms, which opened up lower vibrational energy to open within these lower 12 realms and seep onto the planet. This is not a bad thing. This is just how your experience as a collective on Earth has taken shape.

After the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria, your collective has opened up many dualistic manifestations on and within your planet. Lower vibrational souls will no longer be able to incarnate onto your 5D New Earth planet because the lower realms will be cut off. They will be transmuted in the process of higher vibrational shift, and the lower vibrational souls currently open in these lower realms will open and transmute back into Source, where they will open a very long conversation with both “mom and dad” — vision of these lower vibrational souls getting a stern talking to from Source. Source does not judge, but the lower vibrational energy will definitely need to open into a type of “boot camp” to be transmuted back into Source. They will not be judged, but cleansed of the lower vibration in order to integrate back into Source.

Anything else?

Yes. This series is for those of you wanting to know more. Many of you already know what is going on on a physical level on your planet. You can see how things are playing out in front of you within your collective. The physical is bubbling over. But now, for those of you who understand what is going on on a physical level, we want to take you deeper. We want to take you on a journey into the energetic bodies of Gaia, and into the different magical realms of Gaia, which help to shape your planet just as much as your physical body of Gaia.

These magical realms are opening their doors to have you join them. In joining together, the energy of these magical realms can seep on to the physical planet — through your physical hearts — and take the energy of Gaia into the next stage of the ascension.

We (Abe and all the higher realms) are excited to go on this adventure with you and open your minds and hearts to magic existing just within your fingertips reach.

We’ll be opening more into the four realms of Gaia and opening to magic starting next week, and will probably be on this topic for the month of March. Also, beginning March 1, I’ll be over on Patreon, where we’ll be posting more in-depth videos about what we talk about here on YouTube plus more. We’ll be working more closely with you, diving deeper into these topics, addressing your comments and questions, posting more spontaneous updates and readings, doing more mini-Abe readings, light language transmissions from your guides, soul group messages, and full and new moon gatherings to amp up your intentions and manifestations as well as clear and release things that no longer serve you so you can begin opening up more on your ascension path and retrieving of inner lost knowledge.




we present information and knowledge from our unique inner lost knowledge & perspective of higher vibrational abe energy, through the oneness perception and interpretation of jess. all information presented is our point of view, and for you to use your own belief system and discernment.