Free Energy Pt. 2: Ecuador, the Equator and Tesla


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Free Energy Pt. 2

Ecuador, the Equator and Tesla

In Part 1, we spoke about Atlantis and Lemuria and the pole shift. In this video, we’re going to continue speaking about how all of that is connected to this idea of free energy in our current shifting world. If you haven’t yet watched part 1, here is a link to the video:

Information in this video is based strictly on my own theory and interpretation from my spirit guidance team, ABE, and inner lost knowledge.

The transmission below walks you through the process of receiving and integrating the ABE energy, information and knowledge.

Like we mentioned in Part 1, there are energy portals along the equator line, where energy of inner earth seeps through to the surface. Central America resides strongly near the equator line. However, the country of Ecuador resides nearest to, or exactly on the Equator line, with access to one of these strong energy portals.

Ecuador dominates Earth in the energy of the equator. Meaning, that a lot of inner Earth energy rises in the area of Ecuador through this energy portal. Strong inner Earth open energy rises in Ecuador.

Where does it come from? The ground? The people? Etc? The portal opens into the energy of Ecuador. It is found in the open energy contained in Ecuador. Energy cannot be contained, but the energy is strengthened by the area. The area serves as like a magnet to attract and contain the energy. This is why the energy of Hawaii cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The energy of LA cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The energy of New York City cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The energy of Ecuador cannot be found anywhere else in the world. There are many other strong energy portals along the equator that bring forward strong inner Earth energy, but they are found under the ocean.

Ecuador, and other strong areas around the surface and on the equator, are a portal to instant energy of inner heart of Gaia.

Open free energy is available to be harvested in Ecuador. Ecuador holds strong energy of inner heart of Gaia. The heart of Gaia was darkened and dimmed for a long time following the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria. However, it is growing stronger and brighter due to the work of the lightworkers and the holding of higher vibrational energy both within and without the planet. Higher vibrational energy of the ascension and lightworkers open a brighter inner Earth heart. With renewed strength of inner Earth heart, comes renewed strength and energy that seeps through the surface of the Earth through these strong energy portals along the surface equator. Most of these energy portals are below the ocean, but Ecuador is a major energy portal that exists above the surface. The energy portals below the ocean are responsible for the creation of many strong weather patterns. The energy portal in Ecuador will be responsible for open, free energy central to your planet. Open free energy comes from Ecuador through the Tesla machine.

Tesla invented a machine that could harness open energy in the atmosphere and provide free energy to all. This machine is central to Earth’s ascension and somewhat generating a freer source of energy. We say ‘somewhat freer source of energy’ because nothing is free on your planet. There is a give and take to all, an energy exchange that must balance out. Even ABE is not free. Jessica has had to give up many things, go through many challenges, in her decision to integrate ABE over a life of ‘ignorance is bliss’.

Many of you are choosing and deciding to integrate your higher vibrational aspects, your higher Oneness aspects in which you are moving towards in your 5D light body. This is an energy exchange that you are going through in the integration of your higher 5D light body. The love you give your body is the love your body is going to shift into. Everything is an energetic exchange. Offering strong energy brings strong energy back to you. Offering strong energy of love and oneness brings strong love and oneness back to you. It not only affects you, but it affects the entire planet and the people around you.

In 3D, there has been a lot of “give, give, give” and “take, take, take” so the energy exchange in the collective has become a bit imbalanced. People can give so much but not know how to receive. People can take so much but not know how to give back. So, this is something that is going to balance out as the collective energy is balancing out. We are balancing the energy exchange between all things — between us as individuals, between us and the planet, between us and other people’s services, etc. — these are all things that will balance out on a higher vibrational aspect.

This free energy source (inner Earth energy at strong energy portals) has been given to you by Gaia, but you humans of Earth must give a strong energy of appreciation back in order to receive it and continue to receive it.

Opening to the Lemurian energy of love and oneness on your planet during this great shift will require strong love and oneness energy back. As Gaia gives, the people of your planet must also give back. This is the equal exchange of energy. As your energy vortexes spin faster in the higher vibrations, your give and take exchange between you and the planet becomes of higher frequency and vibration of love and oneness. In your 3D planet, the energy vortexes spin slower in the lower vibrations, and the give and take between you and the planet are lower frequency and vibration of mostly not-love and not-oneness.

Because not-love and not-oneness is present in your 3D current planet, the heart of inner Earth Gaia is not fully open. Inner Earth heart of love and oneness cannot seep to the surface of your planet from these strong energy portals along the Earth’s equator.

With the opening of the inner Earth heart once again, love and oneness will begin to pour out to the surface and seep onto your planet more and more.

Can the Tesla machine be planted anywhere for free energy? Yes, but opening the Tesla machine in the host region of Ecuador is strong enough to provide free energy for the entire planet. Tesla machine can harness free energy anywhere, but opening a Tesla machine in Ecuador can strongly power not only the major countries, but anywhere on the planet. Open heart of inner Earth Gaia wants to give this gift to the world in 5D New Earth.

What needs to be done? Open free energy in Ecuador is opened with an open portal. Open the portal by giving love to the Earth. Giving love to the Earth opens the inner Earth heart more and more. Everything is connected and integrated into a chain reaction. We sense this chain reaction from the outside heightened perspective and therefore offer you this information. Ecuador will become a hub for free energy and New Earth 5D. North America is a powerful country in your current day 3D Earth. In 5D New Earth, South America will become a powerful country, but not ‘powerful’ in the current 3D earth definition. More so ‘powerful’ in the sense of being able to supply the Earth with abundance — not through greed, but through joined hearts.

How did Atlantis and Lemuria generate power?

Lemuria generated power through the equator grid. They accessed the heart of Gaia and used it to power not only their knowledge of love and oneness, but to power their land. The heart of Gaia generated power to their land. The land is what powered their civilization. Bioluminescence from nature. Light from crystals. The energy that was powered from the equator, the energy from the heart of Gaia, which powered their land, was reflected into the outer sun. In the equal exchange of heart love and oneness, the outer sun reflected the inner sun. I’m seeing that the outer sun brought a type of solar-power to the land which helped to power the nature and land. The Lemurians held technology centered around nature and the sun and the atmosphere to generate power for their civilization.

Atlantis generated power from the equator grid as well, the inner heart of Gaia. They generated power through the outer sun and atmosphere as well. They had more scientific knowledge and technology, so they generated power based around their scientific minds. The Atlanteans had a device similar to Tesla’s machine. It wasn’t Tesla’s machine, but similar. It harnessed the energy from the equator power grid and the outer sun and atmosphere to integrate energy throughout their whole civilization. I see one big tower that powered Atlantis with free energy — they’re saying not a Tesla tower, but an Atlantean tower.

And that’s what needed to come through regarding free energy at this time, and what we need to know.

Abe in Oneness is complete. Oneness and love be with you.

Since recording part 1 and part 2, more information surfaced for me to put out in another video. In part 3, we’ll talk more about the knowledge and inventions of Tesla. Nikola Tesla actually made an appearance to speak to Abe to bring forward more information from his point of view, knowledge about free energy and even his life in Atlantis and free energy in Atlantis and how it connects to free energy in the future. We also explore more about how Atlantis and Lemuria powered their cities. So, look out for Part 3 in a few days.


We present information and knowledge from our unique inner lost knowledge & perspective of higher vibrational Abe energy, through the oneness perception and interpretation of Jess. All information presented is our point of view, and for you to use your own belief system and discernment.