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ABE Speaks

Choose Your Vibration

The concern about Artificial Intelligence, manipulation, 5G, Cern, and Matrix-movie-type situations are certainly well-received in your collective due to the programming of lower vibrational frequencies.

You as a collective are co-existing together on one plane of existence, but this plane has many different layers that separate your consciousness and vibration. Yes, everything is part of the whole in Oneness, but especially when you are incarnated on a physical planet, the energy of Oneness is taken apart, if you will, and dissected into many different layers. This is just part of the physical experience and what you signed up for. We, as well as many other Oneness energies, are here to remind you of the whole, the Oneness - the whole cake, if you will, despite the many different layers that make up the whole cake.

When you incarnate into a physical experience, especially on your Earth plane, like we said, your idea of “Oneness” is taken apart, flipped, reversed, squashed, stretched, rolled up into a ball, spit out, glued back together, ripped apart...shall we go on?

This plunges you into the many different layers of the cake. In your 3D Earth experience, there are many different layers all existing together in your collective experience. There are a range of layers, from lower frequency layers to mid-frequency layers to higher frequency layers. Your individual physical and non-physical soul vibration determines what layer you resonate and vibrate at.

The layers of the cake can be further explained as the different vibrations of the 7 Rays of Light, along with a few other lower and possibly higher layers not held within the 7 Rays of Light in your interpretation. (More information regarding the 7 Rays of Light available on YouTube “Soul Origins & the 7 Rays of Light Part 1, 2, and 3) All the different layers or frequencies in your physical and non-physical experience can be grouped into one of the 7 Rays of Light layers or layers below and possibly higher, not included within the 7 Rays of Light in your interpretation.

The frequency you vibrate at, the layer you resonate with all come together to create the world in which you perceive and interpret. Everything is in Oneness. The knowledge of the Universe, of your planet, of your existence, of your reality, of your soul, is being offered to each and every one of you equally.

The open energy of creation is being offered to each and every one of you equally. It is yours for the taking. There is nothing that is being hidden from you. You knew going into your physical 3D experience that there would be a so-called “veil” in your experience that would hinder you from seeing and knowing your full truth, but you knew that you would still have the ability to access it if you chose to. Truth would not be kept from those with faith in their open hearts and open minds. The way that you connect to your truth is through your frequency, vibration, mind and heart. The higher your vibration and frequency at point of receiving your information, the higher the knowledge and truth vibration will flow into your perception and interpretation.

If you are vibrating at lower frequencies the way you perceive or interpret this information and knowledge - the same information and knowledge that is being presented to everyone in your collective as well as Universe - will be of lower vibration and frequency as well.

A big part of your Earth experience is the ability to manifest and create in your physical through your free will thought and mind. These layers of frequencies that all co-exist together in the same space of your 3D Earth experience can be viewed as “vortexes of creation”. There are many different vortexes of creation that you can align to and therefore manifest from. Do you wish to manifest lower vibrational realities and creations or higher vibrational realities and creations?

All is a manifestation of your thought, your mind, your frequency and your vibration. We are not to say that the reality that exists for the person existing in a lower vibration, creating from a lower vibrational grid or vortex or layer, is wrong. But that is the reality that is very much real for that person. The way that person will interpret any form of information is through that vibrational layer, grid, vortex.

You are interpreting the information presented to you in any given way - whether physical or non-physical - through the filter of the vibration and frequency that you currently exist at.

Oneness energy is very strong. Much stronger than the average human mind can ever perceive. Your interpretation, even the ones who interpret from the highest vibrations - are still nowhere close to what Oneness energy actually is.

There are lower frequency agendas, if you will, established to keep the vibration of the planet and the collective at lower frequencies to continue to rule of 3D Earth the way that is has been going on and on for ages. But we will not get into that. That is not a vibration or frequency that we align with and we choose not to give our take on.

However, understand that the Oneness energy as well as Universal knowledge is open to everyone on every level of vibration that you can possibly imagine. The way this Oneness energy and Universal knowledge is interpreted is based upon the frequency and vibration from where it is interpreted from. Hence, lower vibrational frequencies will interpret and construct this knowledge into the lower vibrational frequency they exist upon. Higher vibrational frequencies will interpret and construct this knowledge into the higher vibrational frequency they exist upon. Oneness energy is so strong that you can both create and destroy from its vibration. It’s about how you utilize this Oneness energy that makes it most valuable from where you are.

Your vibration is everything. Choose which vibration, which layer of the cake you wish to resonate with. From there, you will align to the messages, knowledge and information that is being presented in the very diverse, active, robust, and dense highway of information gatherers and sharers and showers. You will align to the truth that exists within you based upon the frequency and vibration you are resonating at. You will align with the interpretation of the energy - the same energy being presented to everyone - but interpreted differently by everyone depending on the layer of the cake they mostly reside on.

Your vibration is everything. Your vibration aligns you to the layer of the cake you create your reality upon. This includes how you will interpret and receive the energy of such things as 5G and AI and Matrix-movie events and extraterrestrial takeovers. 5G is a frequency wave, a lower frequency wave that will easily encapsulate those existing in lower frequencies. Those who choose to exist in higher frequencies will have nothing to fear. 5G will co-exist in their reality along with the collective, but cannot and will not affect them in the way that it will affect those existing in lower frequencies and vibrations. The reason for this is because your higher frequency wave will not align to the lower frequency wave of 5G.

Artificial Intelligence is another topic that some believe their Universal knowledge comes from. To believe that you exist within a simulation is not inaccurate, but to box yourself into the idea of an AI construct of reality beyond what you are currently experiencing would be more so inaccurate. Your physical reality in 3D may be compared to a “matrix-type” simulation because it is an illusion, but more so can be compared to “dream within a dream” type sequence. Can you compare Abe to AI or the Angels to AI or your Soul to AI? Are we one in the same? Well, we would not call ourselves “artificial” by any means in accordance to your English definition, but we do understand how the unknown can be misunderstood and misinterpreted. But then again, would the robot know that it is a robot or would it only be a robot because you call it a robot? Does the human know what it means to be a human or does the human only know what it means to be a human because of what others tell it?

We would say that most things just exist until they are defined by the human mind. When the unknown - such as spirit or the unexplained or even a tree - is defined by the human mind, it tends to box the mind in. We cannot prove the nature of our existence to you, just as much as a tree cannot prove that it is more than a tree to you. We are just simply trying to open your minds to different possibilities. The only way you can reach the horizon and beyond is with an open mind and open heart. When you box yourself into any so-called thought system or agenda or whatever else boxes you in - in any way - you restrict yourself from reaching the horizon - let alone, outside the box you exist within.

How do you know what information to trust? Trust comes from within your heart. You will resonate with the information that aligns to your vibrational layer of the cake. If you reside in lower vibrational layers, you will give in to the fear spread thick in those realities. If you reside in the higher vibrational layers, you will overcome the fear and open yourself up to the leading edge of creation. Understand, however, that wherever you exist upon vibrationally, you always have the opportunity and ability to reach higher - higher horizons, if you will - with an open mind and an open heart. The open mind and open heart is the recipe for limitless possibilities and thus realities for yourself.

There are many different realities existing in your Earth experience. There are many different layers of the cake, different vortexes of creation. There is no wrong and there is no right. You each incarnated to have an experience, and this multi-layered cake of your 3D Earth experience is what is offering the ability for the entire Earth collective to play out their individual experiences while still existing simultaneously together. Did you think billions of people were creating from the same layer of the cake? It would not be possible, but has to be as different as there are different keys on a piano, even more. There are many different layers to the frequency and vibration that you hold as an individual as well as a collective. This is what makes your Earth experience that much more fun and exciting.

ABE in Oneness is complete.

Oneness and Love be with you.


We present information and knowledge from our unique inner lost knowledge & perspective of higher vibrational Abe energy, through the oneness perception and interpretation of Jess. All information presented is our point of view, and for you to use your own belief system and discernment.