Free Energy Pt. 1: Pole Shift, Lemuria and Atlantis


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Free Energy Pt. 1

Pole Shift, Lemuria and Atlantis

More information about Lemuria and Atlantis is beginning to form within as I begin to dive deeper and deeper into this journey and opening up my inner lost knowledge bit by bit.

What’s been coming through since the beginning of this year is the idea of free energy. As we move further and further into 5D New Earth, there are going to be a lot of changes. Everything anchored in 3D, meaning lower vibrations, such as corruption, poverty, suffering - and all the industries that revolve around it — meaning government, healthcare, some big businesses, wall street and money and others — will all have to go through some shift in order to make the move from lower vibration of 3D into a higher vibration of 5D.

The way energy is sourced and powered on your planet falls into the same category as lower vibrational industries and energies anchored in 3D.

One of the biggest shifts from 3D into 5D will be the shifting of your power source — in all aspects — but especially in the area of the generation of free energy throughout your whole planet. Currently energy is provided and sourced for the more developed countries on your planet, and involves lots and lots of money.

In this video, we’re going to break down the idea of free energy in our shifting world by connecting it back to Atlantis and Lemuria.

At this point, there are 2 parts to this video, but there may be more added as we begin to grasp the concept a bit more. This video is Part 1 and we will be presenting a sort of background to setting up the idea of free energy on the planet by connecting it to the pole shift as well as Atlantis and Lemuria.

Information in this video is based strictly on my own theory and interpretation from my spirit guidance and inner lost knowledge.

Blocks of information that came to me over the past few weeks to connect, uncover and tap more into:
Free Energy
Nikola Tesla / Tesla Inventions
South America
Central America
Inner Earth Heart / Energy

The transmission below walks you through the process of receiving and integrating the ABE energy, information and knowledge.

Does the equator line move with pole shifts? No. Axis of Earth stays the same throughout the pole shifts. Instead of the axis line or equator shifting during pole shifts, the inner energy shifts. The balance of the planet shifts along the axis, but remains balanced nonetheless.

In the equator line, energy of inner earth seeps through. Central America resides strongly on the equator line.

Was Atlantis once located north of the equator? No. At the time of Atlantis and Lemuria, both island masses included strong volume of the equator.

Do parts of Antarctica hold parts of Atlantis? Parts of Antarctica is not Atlantis but an open strong portal to Atlantis.

What does this mean? Meaning, portal to Atlantis is found in Antarctica beneath the ice. Beneath safe, massive, gigantic amounts of ice. Vision: under ice cave/cavern

So Antarctica was not Atlantis? No. Parts of Antarctica not Atlantis, but energy of Atlantis can be found there. Meaning, the portal of energy to Atlantis.

(Will not dive into this in this video)

Can you tell me exactly where Lemuria and Atlantis were located on the planet? Yes. The planet’s surface may have shifted, but the axis and equator line has remained the same.

Think of flowers on the surface of water. They move around, they are not anchored. The surface of your planet is similar. The ocean on your planet is much deeper than you may imagine. In the time of Lemuria, for reference for your minds, the island of what you now know as Hawaii was located just below the equator. The larger mass of Lemuria spanned an area that reached above and below the equator, but mostly above the equator. The equator ran through the southern part of the large land mass of Lemuria.

So was the weather always warm? Not in the farthest north reaching parts of Lemuria’s larger land mass. Keep in mind that parts of the Earth were not the same as they are on your current Earth. Gaia is a living, breathing being and temperatures shift in her body over the years, however, Gaia has always been warm at her equator.

In terms of pole shift, know that the physical planet does not turn upside down. The physical north pole will not become the south pole and vice versa. If this happens, the Earth surface dwellers (people of Earth) would not survive. What is happening instead, is an energetic shift. The inner energy of the Earth is shifting so inner north becomes inner south, per se. It’s just a shift of energy, a rearranging of energy.

They bring my attention to the physical body. The ascension symptoms many of us have been going through, yes, we are going through physical, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual shifts in our bodies and energy that can be quite painful and disruptive and uncomfortable. It has been very intense for many of us. They’ve told me many times that we are going through our own inner pole shift in the body. This is what is happening within the Earth. However, our physical body does not turn upside down, we won’t begin walking on our hands. There may be other physical changes such as to the skin and organs and structure and blood, but for the most part, we still have the same human body with arms and legs and a head and feet and hands in the same places, but all these other shifts are taking place to make us stronger, lighter, higher vibrational.

The pole shift rearranges the energy of the planet again to the same energy as was found during the time of Atlantis and Lemuria.

As the pole energy shifts, Central America will begin walking the equator energy portal. Meaning, that Central America will open into a portal of great energy that comes from inner Earth.

Why Central America? Because when the poles shift, Central America will be located where Atlantis was once located. The open energy of the planet will return to the same open energy that existed during the time of Lemuria and Atlantis. (It’s like, the energy portals on the planet do not move, what moves is the inner energy that will seep through as well as the surface land masses on the planet, but the energy portals on the planet stay in the same places)

Just to confirm this, I asked, Does this mean that Central America was Atlantis? No. Atlantis is long gone. When we say the ‘rise of Atlantis and Lemuria’, we mean the rise of energy that emerges in the place of where these land masses existed on the energetic surface of the planet.

Strong knowledge coming through this transmission. Fire through body - strong itching spell. Needed to take a break.


(Detailed map is shown and explained in the video regarding placement of land masses)

Atlantis existed in the placement of where Central America is today. Atlantis is not Central America, it was only in the same place on your globe. Today, it is located where your Atlantic Ocean is located. When the energetic pole shift happened and the Fall of Atlantis and Lemuria occured, water filled Atlantis and Lemuria and over the many, many years, opened the land masses you see today.

Over the many great years, the land masses on your planet have shifted (think of the flowers on top of a pool of water). The landmass you know of as Central America exists in the same place that the landmass of Atlantis existed in many, many, many years ago. The energy of Central America opens up to Atlantean energy, but in your current 3D planet way - it is much less powerful, but powerful in its own way. Central America holds fiery, strong, Atlantean energy. Atlantean energy translated in your current 3D planet is energy of corruption, poverty, addiction, war, strong energy of struggle, power and money - yet balanced by strong energy of family, culture and desire. They bring through the garden of eden, so strong energy of duality and polarity.

The islands you now know as Hawaii existed many, many years ago during the time of Lemuria. They were a smaller island chain off the south coast of the larger Lemurian land mass. Their location during the time of Lemuria was in a place south of the equator, closer to the region of what you would now call the Northeast islands off the coast of Australia, or rather, more north of New Zealand. Over the many, many, many years, this island chain moved (think of the flowers on top of a pool of water) to where they now exist. And the larger land mass of Lemuria filled with mostly water and the coasts of what you would now call the west coast of the United States.

Central America on your current map is only the placement of where Atlantis used to exist. Currently, on your map, the placement of where Lemuria used to exist holds no major land masses. The current placement of where Lemuria used to exist can be found east of Papua New Guinea. The area currently holds smaller islands, but for the most part, the placement of where Lemuria used to exist is fully covered in the Pacific ocean water. Because of this, Lemurian energy on your planet is not as strong as the open Atlantean energy on your planet.

The original land masses of Lemuria and Atlantis will not rise again - not for a very long time. They are very long gone. They will rise again in the infiniteness of their own cycle which exists on a much larger infinite cycle of your planet’s history.

When the pole shift happens, new land masses in the Pacific will open up (in the placement of where Lemuria used to exist). They will not be old Lemuria, but will be brand new land masses to your awareness, hidden under the ocean floor for many, many, many, many years. The last time this land mass was opened was millions of years ago. It is part of a larger cycle - the cycle of land masses - on your planet. A very long cycle that lasts for billions of years.

For millions of years, Lemuria existed in the placement of where Australia is now. Then they moved up to the equator, and now north of Hawaii where their current placement is now. Millions of years ago was Lemuria in the same place as Australia. Rise of Lemuria and Atlantis were when their placement existed at the equator. Strong energy of the equator opened strong civilizations.

Inner lost knowledge that I hold at this moment is about Lemuria and Atlantis. I get a feeling there were other land masses on the planet during the time of Lemuria and Atlantis since it feels like Lemuria and Atlantis existed on one side of the planet. The other side of the planet - where Africa, India, and China are placed currently was not only just open ocean. I get sense there were other land masses. But for now, I do not hold that knowledge. Maybe others listening do. This is why it’s important to open your inner lost knowledge.

Because of the strong energy of this transmission, I was called to stop here in order to help you integrate.

In Pt. 2 of this Free Energy series, we’ll be diving deeper into what came through regarding free energy, including the country of Ecuador, more about the energy of the equator and the Tesla Machine, and how Lemuria and Atlantis generated their free energy.

Abe in Oneness is complete. Oneness and love be with you.


We present information and knowledge from our unique inner lost knowledge & perspective of higher vibrational Abe energy, through the oneness perception and interpretation of Jess. All information presented is our point of view, and for you to use your own belief system and discernment.