Super Blood Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse ~ 1/20-21/2019


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Gilaford 5D Update

Super Blood Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse ~ 1/20-21/2019

Reading for 1/20-1/21 Super Blood Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse. Energy of Transformation, rising like a phoenix from the ashes. Final purging opens up into stronger transformation and stepping more into purpose, clarity and light worker missions and inner lost knowledge. Closing of a chapter (2012-2019) with this Super Blood Wolf Moon, and an opening a new chapter, or phase, of the ascension process/escalator. This new phase is about learning how to love unconditionally and not only receive and integrate but EMBODY higher vibrational energy of 5D New Earth. Embodying higher vibrational 5D energy is about embodying unconditional love, despite the worst of the worst happening in your life for you and to you.


Fiery, intense energy coming along with this 1/20-21 Super Blood Wolf Moon! First card is the “Transformation” card, like a phoenix rising from the ashes. I’ve been speaking a lot about how intense the energy at the beginning of this year has been for a lot of us, myself included. Lots of purging energy, heightened physical ascension symptoms, intense emotions coming to the surface, even dark night of the soul for some of you. Basically, lots of higher vibrational ascension energy coming at us to really get us on the path towards letting go of lower 3D vibrations and prepare us emotionally, physically, mentally, energetically and spiritually for the receival and integration of higher vibrations.

They’re basically using myself as an example. This intense physical purging time that I’ve been going through has taken a lot out of me, I’ve felt very much down in the pits, not knowing when I’ll be getting better, but keeping faith that I’ll be fully healed once this purging process passes. They’re showing me rising up from the ashes that I’ve been feeling myself in. All the work that I’ve done - going through all the hoops in the purging process but keeping blind faith through it all - now is the time for the phoenix to rise. Another image I’ve been using in past videos is now is the time for the butterfly to emerge from the cocoon.

As it does so, it comes fast and strong! It is you, fully transformed from that caterpillar into the butterfly, from the ashes into the phoenix. Your energy emerges stronger, fiercer, radiant, blinding. They’re showing me how Goku turns into Super Saiyan (for any of you who have ever watched Dragon Ball Z - maybe not the most common reference...) But, like the phoenix in the card, what they’re trying to say is that your hard work is paying off and it’s now time to step forward into your role and mission and purpose as a light worker. Many of you light workers have been doing the work and on your path and helping others, but with this new transformation energy, you may see bigger and more expansive shift opening up for you on your path.

The energy of this Super Blood Wolf Moon strengthens you on your journey like you’ve never seen before. Even the energy or image of the wolf a claiming or exclamation that you are here, you are magnificent, you are strengthened, you are taking your place! This moon is a marker in the ascension escalator of strengthened energy. A time in which you put a stake in the ground as a significant reference point - meaning, there’s no going back. There is only forward from here. They’re showing me how a rock climber reaches a plateau where the rock climber can find rest. There may still be more rock and climb ahead, but for now, there is offered rest. And you take this time of rest to soak in the views, drink some water, eat something, gain strength, maybe pitch a tent for the night...but basically, this is where you make that stronger transformation for your next climb. A significant phase is complete.

This phase that has been completed that we speak about is the phase of the ascension progression that began around 2012. Some of you hopped onto this phase or wave before 2012, some of you hopped on after. But regardless, this ascension phase from approximately 2012-Jan 20, 2019 is complete with the Jan 20-21 Super Blood Wolf Moon.

The energy of completion of this phase, as well as the strong “phoenix rising from the ashes transformation” we speak about will open in people in waves, depending upon where each person is vibrationally. Some people are ready to receive this transformation energy right away with the Super Blood Wolf Moon in full effect. Others will receive this transformation energy when they are ready. The energy of this moon will last for several days, but will integrate in the collective during this time. For those of you open to receiving this energy, it will be made readily available to you. For others who are not open to receiving this energy quite yet, it will be stored within you in your cellular memory. When you are ready to receive this transformation energy, your new, open cells will activate it strongly within you. Not all of the collective are on the same page, not everyone is in the same place to go through the ascension process the same way.

People are asking about those who will be left behind if they are not ready to receive energies in planetary alignments or waves that are hitting the planet. Will they miss the boat? Well, you should know by now that there are always more and more boats coming to the harbor for you. If you miss a boat, another boat will come for you. In terms of these energy waves towards ascension happening on your planet, these waves will not keep coming again and again for those who miss the waves or are not ready to integrate the energy of the higher vibrational waves.

These big energy waves are aligning to the energy of your planet. What happens is these waves of energy hit the planet and are integrated into the entire population, the entire collective, at the same time. Some of you are ready to integrate and receive them. Many of you are not. For those who are not, the waves of energy are stored in your cellular memory and DNA. These waves of energy are then opened up within you as internal waves of stored energy for when you are ready to integrate and receive them.

Nobody will be left behind on the ascension escalator unless you desire to intentionally be left behind on a soul level. If this happens, then you just choose not to open up to integrate the internal higher vibrational waves of energy opening up within you. Everyone will ascend in the timing and way in which they are meant to. There will be many waves. You will catch the wave (or boat) that you align to on a soul level.

This Super Blood Wolf Moon is simply a closing of a chapter and an opening up into a new one. In this new chapter, you are the phoenix rising from the ashes, you are the butterfly emerging from the cocoon. This energy is the energy of open creative energy. It is energy of transformation. This is why we have called 2019 the Year of Transformation. Keep in mind, however, the purpose of the phase between approximately 2012 to 2019 was to strongly open you into the energy of transformation. But 2019 is the energy in which this phase of transformation, years in the making, finally begins to take shape.

Although your collective will open this energy wave at different times (because you are not all in the same place vibrationally on the ascension escalator), many of you will open this transformation energy wave sometime this year. 2019 is one of those larger waves in which you move as a larger group into the next “phase” of the ascension process. This year is the year in which many will plant their feet into the next phase or next chapter of the book, and the Super Blood Wolf Moon, energy of transformation, energy of creation is what kicks it off.

The next card is the “Intimacy” card. This card tells me that it is the energy of what we are moving into in the next phase of the ascension process, beginning this year, 2019. This next phase is about strengthening the energy of love in the self and love for others. In your previous phase of transformation, you have been working on yourself. Transforming your physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual selves into higher vibrational beings. Many of you, in this process, have come to know love and experience love in a higher degree. Many of you, have opened your hearts to giving and receiving love.

We want you to know that there is an opening in this next phase, an opening of even higher love in your 5D New Earth planet. The love in your current reality is very much still 3D love. Opening up into unconditional love is very much like opening a stuck drawer. It is not easy, but when you get it unstuck, there is much that pours out. Right now, 3D love is very much conditional. Even many light workers struggle with fully opening up into unconditional love. The reality of conditions very much play a huge part in your everyday ability to love to your ultimate 5D selves.

For example, Jessica very much holds unconditional love for herself and others. However, opening fully into unconditional love, which Jessica sometimes struggles with, is holding love very much for others who may do harm to you or hurt you in any way. She has questioned her experiences lately of coming across a few people in her awareness being rude to her in unexpected ways and we say that it is to help her open up to unconditional love to a higher degree. If you feel hurt by others in any way, to be able to hold unconditional love is to hold a space of love for them despite what they do or say to you, however nasty. It is not easy in the moment, when your 3D emotions come through, but this is what this next phase of the ascension process is about. Learning to hold the space of not love, but unconditional love for yourself and for others, regardless of what strong emotions or actions or behaviors may be taking place.

This will be tested by many of you in the years to come. Source does not “test” you, but it is the open energy of your experiences on your planet (which is why you incarnated in the first place) that open “tests” in your reality in order for you to learn from and grow from. These experiences with rude people that Jessica has come across lately are not because we, Abe, opened these “tests” for her. They opened themselves up to her, called on by her ever-expanding soul, as ways for her to open up to the new challenge of understanding and embodying unconditional love for others despite the behaviors, actions, and words that may be used against you. It’s easy to have unconditional love for others when everything is going your way and there is not a care in the world. But you open true understanding of unconditional love when you are faced with the exact opposite of what you desire.

Jessica is asking, “how does this work with manifestation?” Well, open energy of manifestation is actually working with you when these experiences come into effect because your soul is desiring the expansion and when you know and understand your ascension journey, you know and understand that there are certain loops that need crossing in order to get to the other side.

You know that you cannot open into higher vibrational energy if you have a hard time loving yourself and others. You know that you cannot open into higher vibrational energy if you cannot easily forgive or share or love or and or and or. You know that if you hold lower vibrational energy, that does not fly in higher vibrational 5D New Earth. So, on a soul, as well as a conscious or subconscious level, you know that you have to fully release all these lower vibrational energies.

Love, in 3D, is often misunderstood. There are so many conditions to when and how you love on your planet. To love someone who loves you or does nice things to and for you or says hello to you - that is easy. To love someone, like, dare we even say, your president Donald Trump, or the murderers and rapists of your planet - and we know that this will not go over very well, but please hear us out. To love, even the worst, lowest of the lowest of your kind. To love, even the person who did or said the worst, most horrible thing to you. To love, even that person you don’t know or have any connection to. To love, each and every person, place, thing, event and creature on your planet - not for what they did or who they are or what they stand for - but for the sole, mere sole fact that you are all connected and you are all one. That is unconditional love. If you take away everything on your planet, and leave only energy, you all float seamlessly in the forever-expanding ocean of the Universe, in Oneness.

The next phase of the ascension process is learning how to unconditionally love each other. You, standing firm in your new transformation, your rising as a phoenix through the ashes - will find events, experiences and things unfold that will open your ability to unconditionally love or conditionally love. This is not a test to get to 5D New Earth. We are merely trying to open your heart and open your eyes in a way that leaps into the next phase of holding and becoming higher vibrational energy. We are preparing you through this transmission to open your energy into higher, even higher vibrations so you can hold the vibration of 5D New Earth and help lead those who are still struggling in 3D to seek greener pastures in the new age of enlightenment.

In Oneness, We are Abe. Oneness and love be with you.


Twin Flame Activation Helps Open Unconditional Love

Strong energy of twin flame unification or activation with this moon and lunar eclipse also came through after recording the video. Twin flame activation to help open hearts to unconditional love in this next ascension phase. Knowing unconditional love in self allows you to know unconditional love in your twin flame allowing you to strongly open to knowing unconditional love for others.

Sacred Power Reading Cards by Anna Stark


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