Light Pillars in the Sky and the Physical Manifestations of 5D Seeping Through


Gilaford 5D Update

Light Pillars in the Sky and the Physical Manifestations of 5D Seeping Through

It's been strong in my awareness lately of people talking about lights in the sky. Whether pillars, moving lights, etc. (not UFO-type lights), but more so beaming lights. Although I have not physically yet seen any with my own two eyes, because it's in my awareness from other people's experiences, it's calling me to bring attention to it.

What came through about these light "pillars" or "beams" is a strong connection to the light workers working in 3D. Physical manifestation of the light that light workers are bringing to the planet. Physical manifestation of a strong portal of energy or light connecting 5D to 3D.

I asked if they served any purpose or were they just lights? And what came through was that they are more so strong energy portals connecting 5D to 3D. This is a physical manifestation of the light worker open energy holding of 5D energy in 3D. More and more is being revealed to the light workers doing the work in 3D. Your work of holding the energy of 5D, higher frequency and higher consciousness while in 3D, beneath 3D vision, is the opening up of 5D awareness beginning to seep through.

Light beams in the sky is because of / for light workers. Connecting 5D in 3D and opening up the knowledge within light workers through this connection.

Why are the lights being shown? Because critical mass has been reached. Definitely not because of UFOs (joke).

But I thought critical mass was reached awhile ago? Yes. But now is the beginning of physical manifestation of it. Just like how physical desires on your 3D planet takes some time to fully manifest, so does 5D. In strong desire for 5D in your collective, and as critical mass consciousness desire for 5D became and becomes stronger, the paths begin to clear.

Physical manifestation on your 3D planet takes some time to appear, but you know that the paths are being cleared and the Universe is working "behind the scenes" to bring your desire straight to you. The same is happening with 3D manifesting into 5D. The paths are being cleared. Not an instant manifestation, but the paths are being cleared.

As a collective, you have asked and asked and asked for a very long time for this to happen. Then the stage of aligning to 5D energy as a collective began to happen, which took quite some time and is still happening. Then the stage of wheels turning and paths clearing and Universe working behind the scenes began happening and is happening. Now, the physical manifestations will begin taking place. One after the next. This is the process of manifestation. The same process of manifestation you apply to your 3D desires is happening in manifesting 5D New Earth because you are manifesting from a 3D space.

More and more physical manifestations of 5D energy will begin seeping through your 3D collective consciousness and awareness over the coming 5 years.

Hold tight. The ride is just beginning.

In Oneness, WE are ABE. Oneness and love be with you.


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