State of Balance Within


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ABE Speaks

State of Balance Within

In the energy of Oneness, YOU are a masterpiece, a result of thought. You were created from a thought. And the thought was a vibration from Source's mind. You were first a vibration of thought that manifested into a soul. This soul manifested into a body, and that body is you. That body has been you for many, many lifetimes.

You are created in the image of Source. And when you have a thought that stems from your very powerful mind, that thought carries the vibration that creates worlds. In your 3D physical vessels and vision, you forget that you mind is an extension of Source itself. You create unwanted worlds that exist in the reality that you yourself have created.

When it is time to step back and look at the masterpiece you have created based upon your vibration of thought, many people may look at the worlds they created and say, "I did not know I created that! I did not mean to create that!"

But WE say that there is nothing that is done that is done unknowingly for the expansion of the whole. In the midst of even what you think is a mistake, is the perfection that is added to the whole. Even in your darkest despair, is the added light in the whole.

Everything comes back down to balance. The yin & yang of the Universe is constantly expanding, but always in check and balance. There is weakness that is balanced by strength. There is dark that is balanced by light. There is in that is balanced by out.

The balance that you find within yourself, on your ascension journey, is the balance that you add to the planet you exist upon. Not only to the planet, but to your solar system, your galaxy, your Universe, and ultimately, back to your Source.

This goes back to your mind, your thought, and the vibration of your thought that creates your Word, the spoken word that is manifested in front of you as your reality and the things in your reality that manifest for your experience.

There is nothing that you can think, say, or do that will not align with Source, because even in your un-alignment is alignment found in another part of your galaxy. The vessel, Jessica, does not understand this statement so WE will explain.

The Universe you exist within is always in a state of balance in some way. There are different levels to balance. High frequency balance, mid-frequency balance, and low frequency balance are just to name a few. This can be compared to your emotional state of balance. Yes, there is balance even in the lower frequencies. Low frequency balance is stagnation. Mid-frequency balance is contentment. High frequency balance is bliss.

Even in your Universe, a balance in frequency must be achieved. You exist in a lower frequency Universe. It offers more of the balanced energy of stagnation. In your ascension, your Universe will be upgraded to that of mid-frequency balance, a state of “contentment” that will be echoed throughout the Cosmos.

These words do not compare to the emotions that you assign in your physical reality. We are just using these words as there is no other words that can be pulled in the vocabulary of Jessica to explain. In the Universe, a state of balance is a state of frequency, not a state of emotion. So the frequency of what we would call contentment is a higher frequency than the state of balance of what we would call stagnation. It lifts your Universe up into a higher plane of existence.

But, what we are trying to get at is relaying the microcosm within the macrocosm. Your minds hold the microcosm of what is happening within your Universe. When you can get to that zero-point state of the balance of contentment in your emotional state, which very much aligns with the frequency of the Universe when in the balanced frequency state of what you would call contentment, you are aligning to the state of your ascended planet and ascended self, as well as the ascended galaxy and ascended balanced Universe.

You hold the Universe within you. Your mind is the gateway to the vibration of thought that creates worlds. And when you grab hold of this power, you will understand that you are creating a Universe with the mere power of your thought. And when the day comes in which you will step back and take a look at your creation, you will see the balanced Universe that you created, which will be the signature of the balance that you hold within yourself.

ABE in Oneness is complete.

Oneness and Love be with you.


We present information and knowledge from our unique inner lost knowledge & perspective of higher vibrational Abe energy, through the oneness perception and interpretation of Jess. All information presented is our point of view, and for you to use your own belief system and discernment.