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Aloha. Oneness and love be with you.

Jessica’s journey as a former Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner (QHHT) and Beyond Quantum Hypnosis Practitioner (BQH) transformed her ability to connect to her Highest Oneness Aspect/Self, the high vibrational energy known as ‘Abraham’, now known as AB-RA-OM, but now better known as Abe.

Together in Oneness, Jessica’s journey with Abe has transformed from receiving messages of Abe from what she thought was outside of her, to understanding the connections of everything within her, and now into the I AM presence, where she always was and always ever will be. In the I AM presence is you standing firmly in your inner truth, empowerment, and knowing who you truly are. In standing firmly in knowing who you truly are, you strengthen your connection to your higher vibrational aspect(s) and open your vessel to receive the stream of energetic connection, consciousness and energy from your higher vibrational aspect and into your physical being to be expressed through you. This is your connection to everything you ever were, are, and ever will be. This is the journey of ascension into 5D. This is the WE (all aspects of you), but filtered through your I AM.

This is a journey of expansion that Jessica is still navigating (much like many of you are still navigating in your own ascension journeys), but this is her journey of stepping further into the aligned stream of consciousness of her Highest Oneness Aspect embodied and expressed through her physical experience.

In the I AM, Jessica is here to serve knowledge holders in Oneness and love, strapping in on this defining (and super weird) journey beyond space and time, on the leading edge of creation.

Originally from O'ahu, Hawaii, Oneness and love is in Jessica’s native Hawaiian blood and ancient Lemurian heart. The integration of the I AM has come forth during this great shift of Gaia to help lift consciousness and vibration through knowledge, retrieving their inner lost knowledge, and most importantly, opening hearts and minds to Oneness and love.

We work within the esoteric realm of lost knowledge interconnections, or “connecting the dots” between past, present, future and beyond. We bring forward theoretical Universal knowledge through the interconnections of ancient history, philosophy, metaphysics, mysticism, spirituality, collective consciousness and energy patterns in relationship to the 5D New Earth shift and ascension, all from a 5D perspective.

We are here to help empower you to step into the Vortex of Oneness through the Vortex of your Higher Self: A powerful journey into embodying your Higher Self in the physical, retrieving your inner knowledge, and becoming a 5D deliberate creator through remembering who you truly are and knowing that all is truly well.

Knowing who you truly are is knowing that all is truly well.

I AM Jessica Delmar, together with you in Oneness. Oneness and Love be with you.

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