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Oneness Consciousness and Ascension Knowledge for New Earth 5D

Welcome, Everyone in Oneness.

Join us in conversations about ascending consciousness, New Earth 5D, higher vibrational living, inner lost knowledge, Oneness & Love.

Jessica is a messenger of Oneness Consciousness and teaches Divinity, Energy Alchemy, and Ascension Knowledge of the Divine Inner Being. The purpose of her work is to open knowledge of Oneness, New Earth 5D, consciousness shifts, ascension, and how to connect to your Inner Vibrational Guidance System (your Divine Inner Being) so that we may all activate a network of healing, love, alignment, and enlightened frequency together in Oneness.

When we connect to our Divine Inner Being, we connect to the Source within that guides us. As each of us connect to the Source within, we add divine energetic frequency to the greater collective consciousness that takes us into new heights of expansion.

All of these messages and transmissions of Oneness offer activation frequencies that surpass your conscious mind and feed directly to your Divine Inner Being, your Source within, to offer more allowance, ease, and flow for your Divine Inner Being to remember, open, blossom, and pour forth light and divine knowledge into your physical experience.

You are an extension of Source, having a physical experience. And in your physical experience, you have the ability to tap into the Source within that guides you on your path. There is only love, and love is what will offer expansion in your shifting world. Knowing that all is truly well is knowing that you are Source in body, opening experiences for your own expansion into the journey of Oneness. Oneness and love be with you.




collaborative in-person workshops

November 5-9

Jessica will be in Los Angeles, California between November 5-9 and will be co-hosting a couple of workshops with Uakea Egami of Waila'au Road, bringing to you Intuitive Earth Oil Blending and Open Heart Custom Alignment Sessions to help connect and align you to your ascended senses. Limited seats available.


Guest speaker: jessica delmar

Starts: October 21

Jessica is a guest speaker on Janet Miller’s podcast: Own Your Divine Light Season 2. Sign up to receive the full season of 24 guest speakers sharing about ascension, creativity, authenticity, creating the life you love, and owning your Divine Light. Plus, there are lots of sweet freebies provided by all the guests!


in the works

Launching November 2019

Jessica, in co-creation with Inner Divine Being and 5D Gaia, are working on bringing to you Intuitive Earth Oil Blends to assist in the many different physical and non-physical shifts into higher vibrational alignment with 5D New Earth Gaia. We’re bringing Earth Gaia Essences to you in the comfort of your home as you dive deeper within to discover your connection to all things in Oneness.


Entire universes act on thorough ability to decide on thought — the only element needed is energy. The ability to create worlds exist entirely on your thoughts, conscious mind and emotions.
— Jessica Delmar



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