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Messenger of Abe, Oneness, Love & 5D High Vibes

Welcome, Everyone in Oneness.

Join us in conversations about the new earth 5d, ascension, higher vibrational living, inner lost knowledge, Oneness & Love.

I AM Jessica Delmar, harmonizing WITH THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF my HIGHEST SELF, AB-RA-OM (ABE), together with you in Oneness. We are opening hearts, helping others retrieve inner lost knowledge, and bringing forward theoretical Universal knowledge of interconnections between the past, present, future and beyond. We are here to help empower you to step into the Vortex of Oneness through the Vortex of your Higher Self. As you connect further with your Higher Self through higher vibration, you begin to integrate the embodiment of the Higher Self in the physical. You are here because you are a powerful creator, and this next layer of your creation is the creation of your new earth 5d experience.

Knowing who you truly are is knowing that all is truly well.


Entire universes act on thorough ability to decide on thought — the only element needed is energy. The ability to create worlds exist entirely on your thoughts, conscious mind and emotions.
— Jessica Delmar ~ Abe in Oneness



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